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Download No website Updated 30 Jan 2001 Authen::Smb

Pop 25.96
Vit 1.74

Authen::Smb allows you to authenticate against NT domain controllers from a UNIX environment. It has been tested under Linux and Solaris, but will run wherever smbval (included in the distribution) compiles.

Download Website Updated 01 Jan 2006 CDDB / CDDB_get

Pop 106.32
Vit 5.50

The CDDB/CDDB_get Perl module gets the CDDB info for an audio CD. The included script was intended as a demo for CDDB_get, but over time it has gained powerful features like the ability to write to a database, offline mode, HTTP mode (including proxy), saving in standard XMCD format, and writing 'lame' commands.

Download Website Updated 14 Mar 2005 CGI::Cache

Pop 45.07
Vit 3.84

CGI::Cache caches output of time-intensive CGI scripts. It can be easily integrated with any Perl CGI script, supports mod_perl, and provides rich control over the caching policy.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 Embedded Perl 5 Language (ePerl)

Pop 14.07
Vit 1.43

ePerl interprets an ASCII file bristled with Perl 5 program statements by evaluating the Perl 5 code while passing through the plain ASCII data. It can operate in various ways: As a stand-alone Unix filter or integrated Perl 5 module for general file generation tasks and as a powerful Webserver scripting language for dynamic HTML page programming.

No download Website Updated 15 Apr 2000 File::Cache

Pop 10.72
Vit 1.44

File::Cache is a Perl module that enables the sharing of object data across processes via the filesystem. Please note that this module has been superseded by the more general Perl Cache project. Please see for details.

Download Website Updated 16 Feb 2009 Finance::Quote

Pop 134.28
Vit 5.71

Finance::Quote is a Perl module which can fetch on-line stock quotes, including those from American, European, Canadian and Australian markets. Information from a number of investment houses is also available. Features include currency lookups and conversions, automatic failover support, and loadable user modules.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 FormMagick

Pop 13.64
Vit 1.00

FormMagick is a set of Perl modules intended to ease the task of writing multi-page Web forms. It takes a description of the form (fields, validation to perform on each field, etc) in XML format and generates HTML on the fly. Other features include templates for changing the "look and feel" of your forms, and the ability to easily localise your text for other languages.

Download Website Updated 12 Jan 2011 Geo::METAR

Pop 47.11
Vit 3.10

Geo::METAR is a Perl module for parsing METAR data (aviation weather reports). You can retrieve weather data from airports around the world. and get the current temperature, cloud coverage, and so on. Included in the distribution is a sample Perl script that uses LWP to fetch current data from the airport of your choice and spits out the current temperature.

No download No website Updated 30 Jun 2001 Gtk-Perl

Pop 99.61
Vit 2.31

Gtk-Perl is a collection of Perl modules that provides an easy-to-use interface to the GTK+, gnome-libs, libglade, libgtkglarea, libgdk_imlib, libgtkhtml, and other related libraries.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 GVM

Pop 12.41
Vit 1.00

GVM provides a simple, extensible framework for creating virtual machines and their instruction sets. It provides a basic instruction set and can execute programs (g-code) written using these instructions.


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