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Download Website Updated 07 Feb 2013 Zebra_Pagination

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Zebra_Pagination is a generic pagination PHP library which automatically generates HTML navigation links (next, previous, specific pages) given the total number of records and the number of records to be displayed per page. It can generate links both in natural and in reverse order, can be easily localized, supports page propagation via GET or via URL rewriting, lets the appearance be easily customized through CSS, and is SEO-friendly (it uses rel="prev" and rel="next", and solves the problem of duplicate content on the first page without navigation and the first page having the page number in the URL). Please note that this is a *generic* pagination PHP library, meaning that it does not display any records. It is up to the developer to fetch the actual data and display it based on the information returned by this class. The advantage is that it can be used to paginate records coming from any source (arrays, database, etc). Zebra_Pagination's code is heavily commented and generates no warnings/errors/notices when PHP's error reporting level is set to E_ALL.

Download No website Updated 06 Mar 2012 Generic Pager

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Generic Pager is a class that can be used to browse listings of entries split into multiple pages. It takes as parameters the total number of list entries, the limit of entries to display per page, and the number of the current page. The class can generate an HTML list with links to browse the listing pages, optionally with links to the previous, next, first, and last pages. The text labels and the CSS classes of the links are configurable.

No download Website Updated 06 Dec 2012 PHP Pagination Class

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Pagination Class paginates the contents of a MySQL database into an array or a string.

Download Website Updated 23 Feb 2013 jui_pagination

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jui_pagination is a jQuery plugin. It provides pagination using page links or jQuery UI slider. It is fully configurable and jQuery UI themes compatible. It has localization support. It is compatible with modern Web browsers. It has been tested with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer >= 8, and the default Android browser.


Project Spotlight

Fast Light File Manager

A small graphical X11 file manager.


Project Spotlight


A full featured file system for Amazon S3 and other online storage services.