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No download No website Updated 07 Mar 2011 Three-Column Liquid-Layout Viewport

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Three-Column Liquid-Layout Viewport provides a viewport-based user interface for a data-oriented Web application. It is good for use with Web applications implemented with a single Web page. The basic skeleton of the user-interface is similar to that used in MS Outlook and other applications: a left-hand column, a main center column divided into a master-detail pane arrangement, and a right-hand column. The reference implementation uses YUI3 as a JavaScript engine. However, YUI3 only does the resizing and DOM access, so other frameworks should work with it as well. It differs significantly from the ExtJS Viewport in that it aligns closely with HTML and CSS, instead of layering its own rendering engine on top of them. This results in a viewport that is fast to debug, clear, fast to load, small to download, and has a robust level of functionality and extensibility.

No download No website Updated 31 Oct 2011 Wolf Software PHP Profiler Class

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Vit 34.62

The PHP Profiler class is a small and light class that helps with profiling PHP code. It allows you to quickly identify any function or class that is taking a long time, so that you can concentrate your efforts more quickly into resolving the issues.

No download No website Updated 31 Oct 2011 Wolf Software PHP Messages Class

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Vit 34.62

The PHP Messages class is a simple, lightweight PHP class for handling default user based messages. It has a small selection of extensible functions for warnings, errors, etc. It is very customizable, allowing for flexibility while allowing consistent looking messages to be displayed.

Download Website Updated 04 Jul 2013 SDMetrics Core

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Vit 2.62

SDMetrics Core is a Java library to calculate metrics of structural design properties such as coupling, size, and complexity for UML designs. It also checks design rules to automatically detect incomplete or incorrect design, and adherence to style guidelines such as circular dependencies or naming conventions. The library provides an XMI parser for import of XMI 1.x files with UML1.3/1.4 models, and XMI 2.0/2.1 files with UML 2.x models. Design metrics, rules, and XMI import are highly customizable.

No download No website Updated 31 Oct 2011 Wolf Software EPD Cookie Class

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Vit 1.00

EPD Cookie Class is a light weight PHP class that can track cookies and user consent within the Directive 2002/58 on Privacy and Electronic Communications, otherwise known as E-Privacy Directive, which is an EU directive on data protection and privacy in the digital age. It presents a continuation of earlier efforts, most directly the Data Protection Directive. It deals with the regulation of a number of important issues such as confidentiality of information, treatment of traffic data, spam, and cookies.

No download No website Updated 31 Oct 2011 Wolf Software MicroBB PHP Class

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Vit 34.57

The Micro BB PHP Class is a small lightweight BBCode implementation. BBCode is short for Bulletin Board Code. It is used as a way for formatting posts made on message boards, blogs, and more. It is similar to HTML in the sense that in BBCode also uses tags to format something specific (contained within the tag). In BBCode, tags are indicated by rectangular brackets surrounding a keyword, which is in turn transformed into HTML before being delivered to a Web browser.

No download Website Updated 13 Mar 2011 SnapRAID

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SnapRAID is a backup program for disk arrays. It uses a disk of the array to store redundancy information, and it allows you to recover from a disk failure. SnapRAID is mainly targeted for a home media server, where you have a lot of big files that rarely change.

No download No website Updated 29 Apr 2014 jOOQ

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Vit 37.98

jOOQ effectively combines complex SQL, type safety, source code generation, active records, stored procedures, advanced data types, and Java in a fluent, intuitive DSL.

No download Website Updated 29 May 2011 Page Number Saver

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Vit 1.03

Page Number Saver (PNS) is an application designed to help book or e-book readers save their page numbers. It does this with an interactive console-based menu. The future of the project from this point is first a simple GUI, then a customized one, then version 1.0 will be a PDF reader.

Download Website Updated 04 Nov 2011 flophase

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Vit 1.58

Flophase is a simple cash flow application. It can track multiple accounts and can track your upcoming and recent transactions to ensure you have enough money to meet your planned expenditures.


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