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Download Website Updated 06 Jun 2002 Netstation Linux

Pop 118.27
Vit 2.67

NetStation is a Linux distribution for diskless thin clients terminals using standard x86 hardware. It can boot from network, floppy, or flash-disk and connect to an application server using VNC, RDP, XDM, SSH, telnet, Citrix ICA, or Tarantella.

No download Website Updated 06 Jun 2002 Montessori Bells

Pop 29.80
Vit 1.00

Montessori Bells teaches children to discriminate musical sounds by pairing and grading. It is an instrument for playing musical airs by ear.

Download Website Updated 04 Jun 2002 JavaGuard

Pop 107.24
Vit 2.01

JavaGuard is a general purpose bytecode obfuscator, designed to fit effortlessly into your regular build and testing process, providing peace of mind that your valuable Java code is more secure against decompilation and other forms of reverse engineering.

Download Website Updated 03 Jun 2002 elastiC

Pop 18.17
Vit 1.77

elastiC is a portable, high-level, object-oriented, interpreted language with a C-like syntax. It features dynamic typing, very fast Garbage Collection, lexically scoped closures, namespaces, and a rich set of fundamental types. It is extensible through an easy and robust API. Its very light footprint also makes it ideal in embedded systems.

Download Website Updated 03 Jun 2002 Turbo C to gcc porting tool

Pop 34.55
Vit 2.26

TurboC is a function library and a set of header files for porting MS-DOS based Borland Turbo C code to GNU gcc. Mainly, it is an implementation of "conio" functions in ncurses, but various other Turbo C library functions are provided as well.

Download Website Updated 02 Jun 2002 aub

Pop 40.25
Vit 1.77

aub is a time-tested Perl program to download articles from newsgroups and decode them automatically. It is simple, well documented, and easy to use and configure. It handles multi-part postings, and both uuencoded and base64 encodings.

Download Website Updated 02 Jun 2002 MAMu_'s Icons for XMAME

Pop 33.09
Vit 3.20

kmamu is a shell script which installs X icons for xmame into a folder on your KDE1 or KDE2/3 desktop. (These icons can be downloaded from the homepage.) When installed, each icon has a long description name as provided by xmame -listgames, and when clicked it will launch xmame with the appropriate game. Although the install script is specific for KDE, the icons are stored in X pixmap format and can be used with any window manager.

Download Website Updated 31 May 2002 MRTG Total Traffic Generator

Pop 66.75
Vit 2.08

The MRTG Total Traffic Generator is a PHP script that sums up your total traffic over a specified period by using MRTG log files.

Download Website Updated 30 May 2002 phpMyDoc

Pop 38.74
Vit 1.77

phpMyDoc is a tool for documenting MySQL databases. It automatically indexes all of your tables and columns, and then allows you to fill in informative text at any time. It stores the data "in place" so that the documentation data follows your database where ever it goes. The Web interface is simple, and editing is simple for anyone. Also, phpMyDoc allows exporting of the entire documentation in a few standalone formats.

Download Website Updated 29 May 2002 Ctmail

Pop 28.72
Vit 1.42

CTmaiL is a Web-based mail account manager for Sendmail. It allows administrators to create and manage mail accounts, aliases, and address. The administrator can give rights to other user, allowing them to create mail account or simply administer their own mail account.


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MSS Code Factory

A rule-based expert system for manufacturing source code.


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Interval arithmetic for Ada

An implementation of interval arithmetic.