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Download Website Updated 21 Aug 2002 Python MP3 Cutter

Pop 44.82
Vit 1.43

PyMP3Cut is a Python command line tool designed to cut huge (> 100MB) MP3 files at high speed without requiring the extra disk space and processing time usually needed by visual audio editing tools, which convert the MP3 format to more easily manageable formats like WAV before doing anything. It reads and cuts simultaneously according to the autodetected MP3 frame rate and a timeline passed as a command line argument. It doesn't currently deal with Variable Bit Rate (VBR) MP3 files, though.

Download Website Updated 20 Aug 2002 ERC

Pop 35.83
Vit 2.59

ERC is an IRC client for Emacs/XEmacs. It supports multiple channel presence, elaborate faces' setup, pals' list, and some other nice features. It's capabilities should be sufficient for most of IRChatters.

Download Website Updated 20 Aug 2002 Somnifugi JMS

Pop 26.27
Vit 1.79

Somnifugi is an implementation of JMS that works exclusively inside a single JVM to transfer messages between threads. Somnifugi lets you create very loosely coupled subsystems that communicate using the JMS APIs without the overhead of sockets. Somnifugi is particularly useful for isolating the awt Thread so that the user interface will stay lively, for decoupling calls to slower external resources such as database connections, and for speeding up implementations of generic JMS clients by placing decoupled JMS clients in the same JVM.

Download Website Updated 20 Aug 2002 Phpmode

Pop 14.14
Vit 3.78

phpmode is a mode for jed that helps in editing PHP files. It does keyword highlighting and proper indenting, plus a slew of other functionality.

Download Website Updated 19 Aug 2002 Trident Weather Wire System

Pop 8.49
Vit 1.00

Trident is a Java-based application for receiving, filtering, and outputting messages from the government's NOAA weather wire.

    Download Website Updated 19 Aug 2002 MyTimePunch

    Pop 48.17
    Vit 1.53

    MyTimePunch is a Web-based application that allows a user to punch-in and punch-out from work. It serves the same purpose as a mechanical timepunch.

    Download Website Updated 19 Aug 2002 libZI

    Pop 10.44
    Vit 1.73

    libZI is a portable configuration file API that utilizes XML for data storage and retrieval. It provides the developer and end user with a very easy-to-use API and an easy-to-modify configuration file. It can effectively and consistently store and retrieve data verbatim through use of primitive datatypes.

    Download Website Updated 19 Aug 2002 Empris

    Pop 29.80
    Vit 2.08

    Empris (The Emergencies Personnel Information System) is a platform and database independent method for receiving job or volunteer resumes online, and subsequently evaluating, indexing, searching, and managing them. It is ideal for HR managers or volunteer coordinators. It was and is being developed for Oxfam Community Aid Abroad Australia using PHP.

    Download Website Updated 18 Aug 2002 RubyYahooFinance

    Pop 12.73
    Vit 65.74

    RubyYahooFinance is a Ruby library to download and manage Yahoo financial indexes, symbols, and quote data. It also includes a MySQL database to store the downloaded data and create a personal history of quote data.

    Download Website Updated 17 Aug 2002 jEdit Syntax Package

    Pop 32.25
    Vit 1.81

    The jEdit Syntax Package is a stand-alone version of the text control from an older version of jEdit. It supports features such as syntax highlighting, bracket matching, rectangular editing, macro recording, and more.


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    MSS Code Factory

    A rule-based expert system for manufacturing source code.


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    Interval arithmetic for Ada

    An implementation of interval arithmetic.