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Download Website Updated 08 Jan 2007 Modular Audio Recognition Framework

Pop 93.89
Vit 3.40

MARF is a general cross-platform framework with a collection of algorithms for audio (voice, speech, and sound) and natural language text analysis and recognition, along with sample applications (identification, NLP, etc.) of its use. MARF can run distributed over the network (CORBA, Java RMI, and Java XML-RPC Web Services) and may act as a library in applications or be used as a source for learning and extension.

No download Website Updated 27 Oct 2004 Java Swing Date & Time Selector

Pop 92.75
Vit 1.44

Java Date & Time Picker is a Java Swing component that provides a Calendar and Clock dialog to select date and time. It can be customized to pick a date, a time, or both. Unavailable dates can be set. User selection is disabled for unavailable dates. Clock needles can be dragged to change time. The Class Library includes a separate Calendar Panel and Clock Panel for other use. The Components are JavaBeans that can be easily installed in IDEs like NeatBeans.

Download Website Updated 11 Jan 2010 SDE for NetBeans Community Edition

Pop 92.30
Vit 6.45

SDE for NetBeans is a UML modeling environment tightly integrated with NetBeans. It lets you draw all types of UML diagrams (use case diagram, class diagram, sequence diagram, activity diagram, etc.) in NetBeans, reverse source code (Java, C++, XML, XML Schema, CORBA IDL, etc.) to UML models, and generate Java source from UML diagrams. It features a Rational Rose importer, an XMI importer, HTML/PDF documentation generators, and plug-in and template support.

Download Website Updated 07 Oct 2007 Mantissa

Pop 92.20
Vit 5.19

Mantissa is a collection of various mathematical algorithms in Java aimed towards simulation. It features a small set of linear algebra classes, a least squares estimator, some curve fitting classes, several ordinary differential equation integrators (all supporting multiple switching functions and dense output), vectors and rotations in a three dimensional space, algebra-related classes like rational and double polynomials, various orthogonal polynomials, some optimization algorithms using direct search methods, and more.

Download Website Updated 04 Oct 2012 SqlBuilder (OpenHMS)

Pop 91.91
Vit 6.88

SqlBuilder is a library that attempts to take the pain out of generating SQL queries within Java programs. It wraps the SQL syntax within very lightweight and easy to use Java objects that follow the "builder" paradigm (similar to StringBuilder). This changes many common SQL syntactical, runtime errors into Java compile-time errors.

No download Website Updated 26 Jun 2012 ftp4j

Pop 91.43
Vit 6.48

ftp4j is a Java library that implements a full-featured FTP client. With ftp4j embedded in your application, you can transfer files (upload and download), browse the remote FTP site (directory listing included), and create, delete, rename, and move remote directories and files.

Download Website Updated 22 Jun 2011 SmallSQL

Pop 90.60
Vit 5.90

SmallSQL is a pure Java DBMS, a relational database for Java desktop applications. It has a JDBC 3.0 interface and offers many ANSI SQL 92 and ANSI SQL 99 features. It is very small and fast because it does not have a network interface.

Download No website Updated 11 Mar 2010 Lucene Image REtrieval

Pop 90.27
Vit 4.69

The LIRE (Lucene Image REtrieval) library provides a simple way to create a Lucene index of image features for content-based image retrieval (CBIR), which allows searching for similar images. The used features are taken from the MPEG-7 standard: ScalableColor, ColorLayout, and EdgeHistogram. Furthermore, methods for searching the index are provided.

Download Website Updated 15 Feb 2010 JiBX

Pop 89.92
Vit 6.00

JiBX is a framework for binding XML data to Java objects. It lets you work with data from XML documents using your own class structures. The framework handles all the details of converting your data to and from XML based on your instructions, and performs the translation between internal data structures and XML with very high efficiency while still allowing you a high degree of control over the translation process.

No download Website Updated 19 Aug 2010 Fast MD5 Implementation in Java

Pop 89.20
Vit 4.32

Fast MD5 Implementation in Java is a heavily optimized implementation of the MD5 hashing algorithm written in Java. It includes an optional native method for even greater speed improvements.


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