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No download Website Updated 16 Sep 2004 Functional XML Parsing Framework

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The Functional XML Parsing Framework is a package of low-to-high-level lexing and parsing procedures that can be combined to yield a SAX, DOM, validating parsers, or a parser intended for a particular document type. The procedures in the package can be used separately to tokenize or parse various pieces of XML documents. The package supports XML namespaces, character, internal, and external parsed entities, xml:space, attribute value normalization, processing instructions and CDATA sections. It is intended to be a framework, a set of "Lego blocks" you can use to build a parser that follows DOM, SAX, or another discipline, and performs validation to any degree. As an example of such parser construction, the package includes a semi-validating SXML parser. It converts XML to SXML, an instance of XML Infoset as S-expressions, an abstract syntax tree of an XML document. SXML can be queried (in a XPath style), transformed, and evaluated. The framework parses XML in a pure functional style, as folding over a text XML document considered a spread-out tree. The input port is treated as a linear, read-once parameter. The framework's code does not use assignments at all.

Download Website Updated 22 Oct 2001 MP3Cattle

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MP3Cattle is an MP3 manager/organizer and ID3v1 editor that uses MySQL on the backend and allows multiple users to input their rankings/genres on MP3s. Playlists can then be generated through queries on a single user or mutliple users' data.

Download Website Updated 31 Jan 2004 Q3Master

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Q3Master is a standalone master server for Quake3Arena (and derived games, like RTCW). It is intended for local networks without Internet connections (or firewalls which block Q3A). It can also be used for larger private networks on which more than one Q3A server exists. Q3Master can also be used to query servers in a local subnet, using broadcasts. The found servers can then be sent to another (or a central) master server to collect data from multiple subnets.

Download Website Updated 07 Oct 2002 phpWebNotes

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phpWebNotes is a PHP/MySQL-based Web annotation system. It allows users to add comments to existing Web pages and documents, thus increasing the usefulness of a site. Comments are reviewed before becoming visible.

No download Website Updated 11 Apr 2012 OpenCms

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OpenCms is a professional level open source Web site content management system. OpenCms helps to create and manage complex Web sites easily without knowledge of HTML. An integrated WYSIWYG editor with a user interface similar to well known office applications helps the user create the contents, while a sophisticated template engine enforces a site-wide corporate layout. OpenCms is based on Java and XML technology, so it fits perfectly into almost any existing modern IT infrastructure. OpenCms runs in a "full open source" environment (e.g. Linux, Apache, Tomcat, MySQL) as well as on commercial components (e.g. Windows NT, IIS, BEA Weblogic, Oracle DB).

Download Website Updated 29 Jun 2011 Jawa Open Eyes

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Jawa Open Eyes is a visual network monitoring tool developed in Java for managing network and Internet resources. It supports SNMP v1/2/2c for collecting MIB-II information, port scanning, and SSL capable URL time response. The main features include visual network monitoring, multi layer network topology designer, email alert, trap sender and receiver, trap agent, and real time logging to DB and Web.

Download Website Updated 02 May 2006 ARSC Really Simple Chat

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ARSC Really Simple Chat is a Web chat system that uses PHP and MySQL. It works with every browser in existence, even text-based ones, and it uses the server push technique or, if possible, its own socket server. It is very simple to install and use ARSC. It includes some important features, such as operators, kick-ing, whispering, and more. Multiple rooms and different languages are available. To run ARSC on your site, you need a Web server that understands PHP, and can connect to a MySQL database.

Download Website Updated 03 Feb 2004 PHP Track Meet Registration

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PHP Track Meet Registration allows teams to register their athletes for a track meet. Features include Web-based administration, different divisions, unlimited events, school information, printable screens, security features, and more. It can seed (sort by mark) the athletes in each event for any combination of divisions.

Download Website Updated 19 Mar 2001 plhtml

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plhtml is a preprocessor for html documents. Its purpose is to simplify the work of writing large numbers of HTML documents. It acts like a compiler, i.e. you provide an input source text and plhtml produces the HTML documents. Unlike many other programs of this type, plhtml does actually report the line number in the html input file if it comes across a syntax error. This makes it very easy to find faults.

No download Website Updated 19 Mar 2001 RAZip

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The RAZip bitstream format was designed to provide a faster random access to compressed data than what is currently possible using the GZIP format. Its major features include fast random access to compressed data, freedom from patents, single-pass coding/decoding using a bounded amount of intermediate storage, the ability to choose from one of many algorithms for compression, encryption, or error correction, and comprehensive support for Unix file metadata, Macintosh file metadata, and arbitrary file metadata.


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A script to start VNC on a system-determined port.


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Java SQL Admin Tool

Allows you to manage a RDBMS via Java and JDBC.