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Download Website Updated 02 Oct 2002 The JGenerator

Pop 74.75
Vit 2.13

The JGenerator is a Web server production application that can dynamically combine text, graphics, and sound to build rich Flash content. It is a free alternative to and analog of Macromedia Generator. It supports most of the Macromedia Generator features, uses the same data format and the same set of commands, and emulates its behavior.

No download Website Updated 13 Mar 2001 Stripmime-alt

Pop 23.66
Vit 69.60

Stripmime removes non-MIME sections from email. It removes everything that isn't text, and leaves behind the text. At the end of the message, it reports any stripped content. If it finds a message which has only a text/html section, it will do a simple conversion to plaintext.

No download Website Updated 13 Mar 2001 LikeTelevision Dynamic Ad Casting Software

Pop 11.58
Vit 69.60

LikeTelevision's Dynamic Ad Casting software is an automated video insertion solution that manages content programming. It allows on-demand video content to be controlled to create a television-like experience through insertion of commercial advertising spots. It features total control: the administrator can design and customize the Playlist Template in any way desired. Different spots and commercials can be inserted with total control and then applied universally to even the largest libraries of video clips. Demographic modules can be integrated into the system for audience demographic targeting! The media formats supported include Real Media, Windows Media, MP3, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and more. It is optimized for the L.A.M.P. platform.

No download No website Updated 19 Mar 2007 DotGNU Portable.NET

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Vit 7.89

DotGNU Portable.Net is a portable suite of tools (including a C# compiler, assembler, and runtime engine) for non-Microsoft platforms such as GNU/Linux. It is a part of the DotGNU meta-project.

Download Website Updated 25 May 2002 Shibatch sampling rate converter

Pop 35.38
Vit 1.73

This program converts the sampling rate of a PCM wav file. It can also apply dither to its output and extend perceived dynamic range.

Download Website Updated 09 Apr 2002 Struct::Compare

Pop 13.30
Vit 1.48

Struct::Compare is a Perl module that compares two values of any type and structure and returns true if they are the same. It does a deep comparison of the structures, so a hash of a hash of a whatever will be compared correctly. This is especially useful for writing unit tests for your modules.

Download Website Updated 06 Apr 2003 Shell Environment for Oracle

Pop 42.99
Vit 2.67

Senora (Shell Environment for Oracle) intends to become your primary Oracle shell. In contrast to sqlplus, it is extensible via plugins which add new commands and incorporate them into Senora's help system. For example, the DataDictionary plugin allows one to reverse-engineer code from the DataDictionary, and the Tuning plugin provides commands for profiling and performance analysis.

Download Website Updated 13 Mar 2006 vtkFlRenderWindowInteractor

Pop 35.92
Vit 4.20

vtkFlRenderWindowInteractor is a class which enables you to create applications with full VTK and FLTK integration and interaction. This means that VTK renders to your FLTK UI, and your FLTK UI interacts with the VTK pipelines. Standard VTK interactor styles and picking work by default. This code has been tested successfully on Linux, SGI Irix, Sun Solaris, and Windows (NT, 2000, and XP).

Download Website Updated 15 Mar 2001 JET Code Generator

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Vit 69.59

The JET Code Generator connects to any JDBC-based database and exports the schema as an XML-formatted file, and then generates code based on XSL Transformations. The user is free to write/modify XSLTs to generate virtually any type of source code from the XML representing your database schema. A complete example is included with a database, support classes, XSL Transformations, and build scripts (ANT and batch).

Download Website Updated 17 Mar 2001 PeepDB

Pop 40.73
Vit 1.41

PeepDB is a Python module for working with PDB files. The goal is to create an interface for working with PalmOS databases (PDB files).


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A script to start VNC on a system-determined port.


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Java SQL Admin Tool

Allows you to manage a RDBMS via Java and JDBC.