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Download Website Updated 21 Jan 2007 MaklerPlus

Pop 18.73
Vit 1.76

MaklerPlus is a Web based application for real estate business. It can be used to administrate real estates with an unlimited number of illustrations per object. It includes a smart content management system.

Download Website Updated 24 Mar 2007 FlexiCrypt

Pop 27.75
Vit 1.46

FlexiCrypt is a universal cryptography toolkit for managing certificates and symmetric keys. It can perform many kinds of encryption, decryption, signing, and several related tasks.

Download Website Updated 29 May 2008 Password Strength Analyser and Generator l...

Pop 46.99
Vit 2.76

The Password Strength Analyser and Generator is a library that combines two tools. The analyser tool shows the "strength" of your passphrase with respect to certain rules, and the generator generates a "strong" passphrase according to those rules.

No download No website Updated 16 Oct 2006 Wireless Rope

Pop 17.89
Vit 1.00

Wireless Rope is a framework to measure and study the Bluetooth signals present in an environment. Surrounding peoples' phones and places' computers can be detected, traced, and interacted with using the Wireless Rope mobile phone program.

Download Website Updated 17 Oct 2006 jssha256

Pop 32.25
Vit 1.00

jssha256 is a compact JavaScript implementation of the SHA256 secure hash function and the HMAC-SHA256 message authentication code (MAC).

Download Website Updated 16 Oct 2006 Simple HTML Parser

Pop 10.82
Vit 52.93

The Simple HTML Parser is a fast HTML parser for PHP 5 that might be described as a stream parser. It divides HTML into nodes (tags, text, or comments) and returns them one at a time in the order they appear in the source. It was inspired by HTML Parser for PHP-4 but was written from the ground up with speed as the primary goal.

Download Website Updated 12 Dec 2012 jGameBase

Pop 38.57
Vit 5.95

jGameBase is a Java port of GameBase, a fully-featured retro-gaming emulator frontend and game database utility. It supports virtually any emulator for any system and has versatile database searching and filtering.

No download Website Updated 26 Dec 2008 Feudalistic Dynasties

Pop 22.98
Vit 2.37

Feudalistic Dynasties is a turn-based strategy game placed in the time of feudality in the early middle ages. As a king of a fictitious European dynasty, you have to build and manage your kingdom. It features a humanized population and unit system.

No download Website Updated 17 Oct 2006 Monolith mSuite

Pop 19.60
Vit 52.92

mSuite is a solution for enterprise-wide infrastructure management. This solution uses Monolith Event Manager (Event/Fault), Action Manager (E&N), and Reporter (Historical Reporting). Monolith integrates with a variety of availability and performance tools based upon a client's needs. mSuite can monitor syslogs, SNMP traps, and NT event logs.

Download No website Updated 18 Oct 2006 Jawflow

Pop 15.62
Vit 1.00

JawFlow is a workflow engine that partially conforms to WfMC (www.wfmc.org) directives. It understands XML Process Definition Language (XPDL) and can be customized using activities written in Java or in any scripting language supported by BSF.


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A fully-featured launchd front-end for managing and debugging system and user services.


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An open source Java library for DDMS.