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Download Website Updated 26 Oct 2000 JLearner

Pop 16.55
Vit 70.59

JLearner is a Java-based Japanese character and vocabulary learning tool. It is mainly in German, and comes with vocabulary packages for the ikkyuu level 1 (highest "Japanese as a foreign language test"). It was written for university students who have be firm with all 2000 jouyou Kanji.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2006 JLJ

Pop 58.21
Vit 5.63

JLJ is a simple LiveJournal.com client. It prompts the user for a subject and message body, and sends it off to their LiveJournal account. It also allows the user to postpone entries as well as make offline entries to be submitted later.

Download Website Updated 01 Oct 2006 Jmol

Pop 183.65
Vit 8.15

Jmol is a Free, Open Source molecule viewer and editor. It is a collaboratively developed visualization and measurement tool for chemical scientists. Jmol is an active project, and there are new features being added to it on a daily basis. Users are encouraged to modify it to fit their needs and to contribute their changes to the project.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 JMud

Pop 18.00
Vit 1.46

JMud is a MUD server written in Java from scratch, available in Brazilian Portuguese.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 jnap

Pop 18.06
Vit 1.45

jnap is a pure Java clone of Napster. It includes support for searching, browsing, uploading, downloading, and chatting.

Download Website Updated 16 Nov 2001 Jode

Pop 47.62
Vit 1.51

JODE is a Java package containing a decompiler and an optimizer. The decompiler takes class files as input and produces something similar to the original Java file, and the optimizer transforms class files in various ways with can be controlled by a script file. It supports the following operations: Renaming class, method, field and local names to shorter or unique names or according to a given translation table, removing debugging information, removing dead code (classes, fields, methods) and constant fields, and optimizing local variable allocation.

Download Website Updated 17 Jan 2010 joinpic

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Vit 1.74

joinpic merges split images together. They can be attached horizontally or vertically.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 Jonah

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Vit 1.00

Jonah is a two-part system for displaying headlines on your site. The backend fetches a list of My.Netscape or My.Userland style channel files, caches them locally, and generates a local html representation for each. The frontend provides an interface for viewing the generated headlines.

Download No website Updated 30 Sep 2009 JOnAS

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Vit 5.35

JOnAS is a pure Java implementation of the J2EE specification, available in open source. It is useful to those building applications like e-commerce, e-portal, management systems, intranet application, inventory systems, reservation systems, banking applications, etc.

Download Website Updated 09 Oct 2000 JPlus

Pop 10.95
Vit 70.71

JPlus is a GUI frontend to any console command-line-oriented program that might benefit from a command history and decent text editing features. It is written specifically for SQLPlus but it can be useful with other similar apps as well.


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A script to start VNC on a system-determined port.


Project Spotlight

Java SQL Admin Tool

Allows you to manage a RDBMS via Java and JDBC.