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Download No website Updated 19 Dec 2003 adanetcdf

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adanetcdf is an Ada-95 binding to the netcdf library.

Download Website Updated 30 Aug 2005 GlGuiA

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GlGuiA is a set of Ada packages for creating graphical user interfaces. It provides a complete and extensible set of graphical items (widgets), such as buttons, scales, trees, message boxes, and dialog boxes. It should be rather easy to create new objects from existing ones. To gain platform independence, the library relies on OpenGl for drawing primitives. Basic event and window management are done using Glfw.

Download No website Updated 19 Aug 2001 Fractal Landscape Generator

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Fractal Landscape Generator is a toolbox for generating fractal landscapes and converting them to the LDraw format (used by most open LEGO CAD systems).


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A geometric space interactive geometry program.


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A LED matrix controller.