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Download Website Updated 05 Jun 2007 QuantLib

Pop 157.33
Vit 8.86

QuantLib is a cross-platform, quantitative finance C++ library for modeling, pricing, trading, and risk management in real-life. It is also wrapped as Python/Ruby/Scheme modules. Extensions for Excel, R, and Mathematica are available. Other such extensions are under consideration. QuantLib offers tools that are useful both for practical implementation and for advanced modeling. It features market conventions, yield curve models, solvers, PDEs, Monte Carlo (low-discrepancy included), exotic options, VAR, and so on.

Download Website Updated 07 Apr 2002 ruby-tmpl

Pop 26.23
Vit 1.78

ruby-tmpl is used for the online and offline creation of HTML, XML, and email documents. Like many other templating languages, ruby-tmpl lets you abstract the presentation from the actual content of a document. However, unlike other templating languages, ruby-tmpl also lets you perform offline processing of documents so that you can have your Web server serve static content created by templates as well as dynamic content. The templating language itself is fully XML-compliant and can safely be embedded in XML documents.

Download Website Updated 23 Aug 2001 PhobIRC

Pop 12.92
Vit 67.98

PhobIRC is a global project to create a new model of IRC channel management based on a main entity which control bots and IRC clients with a set of scripts.

No download Website Updated 25 Aug 2001 ruby-session: Got persistence?

Pop 26.00
Vit 67.97

ruby-session: Got persistence? provides a transparent persistence layer for ruby and mod_ruby, using arbitrary storage mechanisms such as the file system, a RDBMS, or even the network via the network.

No download Website Updated 29 Aug 2001 rubydoc

Pop 19.60
Vit 67.94

rubydoc is an online initiative aimed at collecting user feedback, experiences, and stories with ruby classes and modules. It aims to be a hybrid between perldoc and's documentation.

Download Website Updated 28 Jun 2010 rbot

Pop 50.82
Vit 7.34

rbot is an IRC bot written in Ruby. It's similar to an infobot, with some extra features and some changed. It has a dynamic plugin architecture, making plugin writing fast and easy.

Download Website Updated 26 May 2003 newfile

Pop 74.16
Vit 3.82

newfile generates "starting-out" files using a full featured template preprocessor. It can also generate trees of files, for example, a FreeBSD port or a project using automake and autoconf. A user can add their own template files and directories to those supplied with the package. It includes templates for making "empty" files for Ruby, make, shell, C, C++, C & C++ headers, and more.

Download Website Updated 06 Sep 2004 SpeedReader

Pop 47.05
Vit 1.00

SpeedReader helps you improve your reading speed. It is simple, interesting, challenging, and fun to play with. From a developer's point of view, it is extensible (Plugins), and as simple as possible (but no simpler). Functionality is only added if it improves the above stated goals.

No download Website Updated 13 Feb 2005 XDCC-Fetch

Pop 20.49
Vit 2.25

XDCC-Fetch is a platform-independent tool for collecting, searching, and downloading broadcast XDCC announcements within IRC channels. It supports, among other features, multiple IRC Servers and search on typing.

Download Website Updated 12 Sep 2005 Ruby Asterisk Gateway Interface

Pop 31.46
Vit 1.00

Ruby Asterisk Gateway Interface (RAGI) is a framework for bridging the Ruby on Rails Web application server environment and Asterisk, the open-source PBX. RAGI eases the development of interactive automated telephony applications such as IVR, call routing, automated call center, and extended IP-PBX functionality by leveraging the productivity of the Ruby on Rails framework. RAGI simplifies the process of creating rich telephony and Web applications with a single common Web application framework, object model, and database backend.


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