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Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 jScraper

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jScraper provides an easy-to-use interface for parsing HTML text streams. It converts HTML text streams into tokenized object streams revealing the document's contents. It is useful for applications that need to extract information from automatically-generated Web pages.

Download Website Updated 27 Apr 2011 txt2pdf

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txt2pdf is flexible and powerful Perl tool to convert txt, text, textual reports, and spools into PDF (form, invoice, report, sale sheet). It can be used alone, or you can use it from other applications to convert your documents on the fly.

Download Website Updated 03 Oct 2004 JXP

Pop 32.03
Vit 2.61

JXP is a fast Java XPath 1.0-compliant API. It features a SAX-like event system, an inner expression tree for fast multiple document evaluation, syntax error location and cause, DOM support, FastParser lightweight node support, a customizable API with navigator, function libraries, a plugin for each node type system, and full samples with DOM.

Download No website Updated 19 Sep 2013 Sketsa SVG Editor

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Vit 32.80

Sketsa SVG Editor is a vector drawing application based on SVG. It allows users to create vector graphics that can be scaled and printed at any resolution, without losing detail or clarity. It features various tools for optimizing content creation, and includes a property palette, a DOM editor, a source editor, a resource editor, SVG-specific shape tools, transformation tools, and additional illustration tools. It uses SVG as its native file format.


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An easy database query library.


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An autodiscovering network observation system.