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Download Website Updated 26 Jun 2000 imaverage

Pop 34.32
Vit 71.02

imaverage uses the viewing frequency and viewing time from a spawned image viewer to build a dynamic database entry for images to gauge their relative preference for a given user. Once the entries have been created, imaverage will continue to show images randomly, with dynamic preference weights. On average, your favorite images should show up most frequently.

No download Website Updated 12 Sep 2004 Paloma

Pop 47.91
Vit 3.94

Paloma is a program to manage an SQL database of digital music files, and facilitate their retrieval and playback in interesting ways. It works with music files of any form -- MP3, Ogg Vorbis, MIDI... whatever you've got a player for. Paloma makes it easy to rip your entire CD collection and store it on your hard disk (or a collection of CD-Rs) for instant random access; playlists can then be generated using arbitrary SQL commands.

Download No website Updated 13 Oct 2012 phpDVD

Pop 62.24
Vit 1.48

phpDVD is a simple PHP script to keep track of your DVD collection. The information is stored in a MySQL database and an interface is provided to add, edit and delete entries. Customizable fields allow you to display the details of importance to you; the default fields are: Title, Studio, Year, Aspect Ratio and Audio Format. You can optionally link each title to its corresponding page at the Internet Movie Database, or to a URL of your choice. The look and feel is fully customizable through header/footer/style sheet templates.

No download Website Updated 01 Mar 2002 PhotoArch

Pop 13.30
Vit 1.03

PhotoArch is written in PHP with some javascript. It is a front-end to a MySQL photography database. It allows you to index your photography collection for future searching and browsing. It can help you index mountable volumes with images (CD-ROMs or other), and will help you keep track of those modules. It allows you to make parts of your collection available over the Internet, to either the general public or a set of password-protected user logins.

Download Website Updated 27 Jul 2002 mediadbs

Pop 21.00
Vit 1.04

mediadbs is a database system built around MySQL, with the ultimate aim being the categorization of diverse electronic media, with tools to extract the data from the files, and to make the data available in many ways. Currently this is limited to mp3 id3 tags, and a Web-based output.

Download Website Updated 05 Oct 2002 Wuff's MovieDB

Pop 60.99
Vit 4.00

Wuff's MovieDB (WMDB) is a MySQL database with a nice PHP frontend to catalogue DivXs, VCDs, SVCDs, DVDs, movies, or anything else you might want to catalogue. It connects to Amazon's IMDB (Internet Movie Database) to get most information about the movie and stores it in the database. If covers are available they will be shown with the complete movie information.

Download Website Updated 21 Mar 2002 CDAdb

Pop 13.75
Vit 1.43

CDAdb is a PHP/MySQL Web frontend for collecting your audio CDs. It is multi-user, and allows you to add, search, edit, import, and loan music CDs.

Download Website Updated 03 Nov 2002 Exporia

Pop 25.00
Vit 1.00

Exporia is a PHP photo album storing all the non-graphic data in MySQL. You can write and display comments on pictures in multiple languages. Exporia's directory structure is straight-forward and it works with PHP's safe mode.

Download Website Updated 17 Apr 2003 Advanced Data Grid Control

Pop 58.45
Vit 1.00

Advanced Data Grid Control is a Java applet which enables the display of data in rows and columns in Java and Web applications. It features Fast Sorting, Data Acquisition, URL Hyperlinks, Embedded Images, Column Totalling, and much more. It enables dynamic interaction with other page components via Javascript and special methods.

Download Website Updated 10 Aug 2004 Photos

Pop 73.44
Vit 4.24

photos is a Web-based photo database for storing metadata about digital photos so you can find them again later. It supports adding photos one at a time, or as a group by directory. It is intended to be run locally but can be run on a remote Web server if you've got the space and the bandwidth.


Project Spotlight


A pure Java library for reading and writing MS Access databases.


Project Spotlight


A fast and usable source code search and cross reference engine.