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Download Website Updated 28 Jul 2013 Apache2::ModProxyPerlHtml

Pop 73.43
Vit 11.27

Apache2::ModProxyPerlHtml is a mod_perl2 replacement for the Apache2 module mod_proxy_html.c, used to rewrite HTML/Javascript links for a reverse proxy. It is very simple and has much better parsing/replacement of URLs than the C code. It also supports refresh meta tag rewriting.

Download Website Updated 03 Jul 2013 Pod::S5

Pop 34.93
Vit 6.00

Pod::S5 is a script that generates an HTML slideshow based on the S5 slideshow system from a POD (plain old documentation format) file.

Download Website Updated 17 Mar 2013 When

Pop 160.17
Vit 25.48

When is an extremely simple personal calendar program, aimed at the Unix geek who wants something minimalistic. It can keep track of things you need to do on particular dates. It's a very short and simple program, so you can easily tinker with it yourself. It doesn't depend on any libraries, so it's easy to install. You should be able to install it on any system where Perl is available, even if you don't have privileges for installing libraries. Its file format is a simple text file, which you can edit in your favorite editor.

Download Website Updated 11 Oct 2011 mysqldiff

Pop 125.25
Vit 6.56

mysqldiff is a Perl script which compares the data structures (i.e. table definitions) of two MySQL databases and returns the differences as a sequence of MySQL commands suitable for piping into mysql which will transform the structure of the first database to be identical to that of the second (c.f. diff and patch). Database structures can be compared whether they are files containing table definitions or existing databases, local or remote.

Download Website Updated 16 May 2011 Term::Animation

Pop 57.48
Vit 6.06

Term::Animation provides a framework to produce sprite animations using ASCII art.

Download Website Updated 21 Jan 2011 ORLite

Pop 23.75
Vit 2.53

ORLite is an object-relation system specifically tailored for SQLite that follows many of the same principles as the ::Tiny series of modules.

No download Website Updated 07 Jan 2011 Fey

Pop 25.34
Vit 2.52

The Fey distribution contains a set of modules for representing the components of a DBMS schema, and for dynamically generating SQL queries based on that schema.

No download Website Updated 05 Jan 2011 nopaste

Pop 25.06
Vit 2.18

App::Nopaste allows easy access to any pastebin from the command line or a Perl program. It automatically checks if the pastebin is working. It can also work with the clipboard.

Download Website Updated 10 Dec 2010 File::Scan

Pop 187.65
Vit 10.10

File::Scan allows users to make multi-platform virus scanners which can detect Windows/DOS/Mac viruses. It include a virus scanner and signatures database.

Download Website Updated 28 Oct 2010 LaTeX::Table

Pop 66.25
Vit 8.27

LaTeX::Table is a Perl module that provides functionality for an intuitive generation of LaTeX tables. It ships with some predefined, good-looking table styles. This module supports multi-page tables via the xtab and longtable LaTeX packages. For publication quality tables, it utilizes the booktabs package. It also supports the tabularx and tabulary packages for nicer fixed-width tables. Furthermore, it supports the colortbl package for colored tables optimized for presentations. The ltpretty program makes it easy to use this module from within a text editor such as Vim or emacs.


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Mantle Business Artifacts

Business artifacts including data model and service library for common business processes.


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Additional Netfilter/iptables modules.