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Download Website Updated 27 Dec 2012 PHP GUI API

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PHP GUI API is a package that renders HTML pages composed programmatically. It is designed in a similar fashion to Java's GUI package, but it is for HTML components rather than desktop applications. It consists of a set of classes that wrap around several types of HTML page components and CSS elements that can be composed and configured programmatically to generate whole pages. The classes render the page by generating HTML for each element and the contained elements. It provides classes for wrapping paragraphs, divisions (div), input fields, forms, tables, images, links, etc.

No download No website Updated 03 Oct 2012 Bitcart

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Bitcart is a flexible e-commerce shopping cart application that allows you to start selling online quickly and inexpensively. It does not require technical expertise to manage. It also offers a variety of marketing tools, such as discounts and gift certificates.

No download Website Updated 26 Jul 2010 amba-xmldocument

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amba-xmldocument is an extension of the standard PHP DOMDocument and DOMElement features. It contains two classes for easily creating, navigating, and processing XML documents.

Download Website Updated 20 May 2010 Solution

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The Solution Framework class library is a collection of reusable types that are integrated with the Common Language Runtime. Solution Framework is compatible with Windows Mobile and Mono.

Download No website Updated 17 Mar 2010 Semantic Web Services Test Case Generator

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Semantic Web Services Test Case Generator (SWSTCG) is a tool for generating Web service test cases using WSDL-S and Object Constraint Language (OCL). The test case generation technique is Orthogonal Array Testing (OAT). It generates WSDL from a Web service to be tested and converts it into WSDL-S by giving OCL references where pre and post conditions are defined. Test data, using OAT, with different factors, levels, and strengths are generated and documented in XML based test files called Web Service Test Specifications (WSTS) and executed. The proposed method is compared with the Factorial Design/All Combinations Testing (ACT) and Pair-Wise Testing (PWT) method.

Download No website Updated 16 Mar 2010 Kleo

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Vit 38.68

Kleo allows you to create all-inclusive bare metal backups. This saves hours of tracking down original CDs or device drivers. It enables server recovery without the need for any other software. It comes with the Carroll-Net Server Recovery Kit. It's a LiveCD that includes hundreds of specialized server recovery tools. With it, you can rescue failed servers, recover lost passwords, and troubleshoot boot up problems.

Download No website Updated 02 Mar 2010 iMacros for Chrome

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Vit 38.87

iMacros for Chrome is an extension that allows you to automate repetitive tasks like visiting the same sites every day, filling out forms, and remembering passwords. It can automatically fill Web forms that stretch over several pages. It can automate the download and upload of images, files, or entire pages (with or without images). iMacros includes a user agent switcher, functions to download PDF and Flash, and ad-blocking and image-blocking functions. iMacros can automatically read data from a Web site and export it to CSV files. You can use this feature to download stock quotes, gather and compare Web store prices, and more. Web professionals can use iMacros for functional, performance, and regression testing of Web applications.

No download Website Updated 29 Jan 2010 php4-html-dom

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Vit 39.28

php4-html-dom is a lightweight, fault tolerant, high speed, single-pass HTML parser. It builds HTML DOM, similar to accessing a Web browser's DOM with JavaScript. It is compatible with PHP4 and higher.

No download No website Updated 15 Jan 2010 deEncrypt

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deEncrypt is an HTML tool that lets encrypt and decrypt arbitrary texts (such as a password) using AES. This allows you to securely store a large collection of texts while requiring only one password to access all the items in the collection. It is ideal for use within a business where you have to remember many different passwords but are not allowed to install any application to help you remember them. deEncrypt is implemented as a Web page with no external references that can be loaded locally into a Web browser and then used without any interaction with remote computers.

Download Website Updated 18 Dec 2009 VICTORIA

Pop 25.65
Vit 39.81

VICTORIA is a support tool for the management of security. It allows you to assess the status and degree of development of security in an automated manner.


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A secure chat app.


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