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Download No website Updated 08 Feb 2011 The Guide

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The Guide is a way to manage projects. It is a comprehensive intellectual work automation system for software companies. The Guide automates project and process measurements, personnel skills and knowledge, customer feedback, standard adherence, real-time automatic audits, and more. The Guide does not require standards to be followed, but encourages it. The Guide suggests what professionals should do next, and provides tools to do it. The Guide can actually automatically tell what should be done next. The Guide also tells what has not been done.

Download No website Updated 25 Jun 2010 kisEdit

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kisEdit is a program for editing of Web site pages within your Web browser. Changing texts or images is very easy, and doesn't require any technical skills. Your Web pages become modifiable and you can edit texts like you do in MS Word. Uploaded images are automatically resized. Pages can be edited safely because a section in the page has been marked as modifiable. This prevents the accidental destruction of the page structure. Kis-edit is installed on the Web server on which your Web site runs.

Download No website Updated 26 May 2010 easyWeather

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easyWeather is a Web script to get information about local weather conditions with the Web service. In order to conform to the service's rules of use, multiple methods are used to consult the service.

No download Website Updated 26 Oct 2009 AVS source control

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AVS is a source configuration management software that embedds a bug tracking feature. It is based on a common file "check-out / check-in" procedure, which eases early conflict detection. A file can have parallel versions. A proprietary 3-way merge tool is bundled to help merging. AVS uses a development task concept, which allows grouping checked-out files for the same purpose. Users can then work on several tasks at once without confusing files. Each development task is natively linked to a change request, which can be linked to several tasks. The build manager then relies on a change request selection within a set, while still being able to unselect some tasks if needed. A user management feature, with groups and access rights, is provided to restrict access to users upon their profile.

Download Website Updated 08 Jun 2009 SimpleTable

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SimpleTable is a simple JTable implementation that was built using the Java Swing JTable component and was designed using Entity Modeled Components ( The table is created by passing an Entity object with setters/getters and annotated attributes that provide the necessary TableCellRenderer classes for rendering columns. It has simple functions for CRUD operations and is very easy to implement.

Download Website Updated 25 Jan 2009 Hankering Habitats

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Hankering Habitats is an educational game that challenges students to match organisms with the correct habitat in which they are found. The game takes you around the world to explore the inhabitants from land biomes that range from the deepest dark rain forest to the frozen tundra. You will additionally explore water environments including the sea shore, the coral reef, and the open ocean. While doing this, you will learn about animals, plants, and even microscopic creatures that live in the variety of biomes of Earth.

Download No website Updated 23 Apr 2012 Web Help Desk

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Vit 8.26

The Web Help Desk is customizable cross-platform help desk software. It includes an iPhone app, email-to-ticket conversion, LDAP and Active Directory integration, trouble ticket email notifications, support for billable hours, a self-service knowledge base, asset management components, and much more. It has permissions-based access, including a customer service Web portal, help desk technicians, and help desk administrators.

Download Website Updated 22 Jul 2007 MultipliK12

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MultipliK12 is an educational game for learning and practicing the multiplication tables. MultipliK12 features 9 levels of complexity. At each level, the player must correctly respond to a set of multiplication operations to gain access to the next level. Also, MultipliK12 features two modes of operation, Random Table and Fix Table. It requires Java 1.6 or higher.

No download Website Updated 06 Jul 2007 ElegantJ EntryMask Bean

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The ElegantJ EntryMask Bean offers a range of entry field masking, be it two digits after a decimal point or a date in a specified format. It checks data on keystrokes. The range of masking supported includes numerals, alpha-numerals, alphabets, date, time, a date box, and many user-defined patterns. The included Data Access beans ensure efficient data handling, as they can connect and communicate with other computers via standard protocols like File, JDBC, FTP, and HTTP.

Download Website Updated 05 Jul 2012 Citra FX

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Citra FX is a set of image filter effects for digital photos or images. It allows anyone, regardless of experience, to turn digital images into unique artistic looks. Citra FX comes with many prebuilt filters from color adjustment, contrast, and exposure to advanced filters like water ripple, emboss, etc. You also get instant visual feedback on what you changed. It is well suited for both simple and advanced digital photo or image filtering.


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A Java framework for building data integration and ETL applications.


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Usable configuration management.