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No download No website Updated 23 Jun 2003 clo++

Pop 75.18
Vit 2.92

clo++ is a command line option parser generator. Given an XML file that contains a description of your program and its options, clo++ can generate code to parse its command line. In addition to code generation, clo++ can also generate man pages. Other languages and output formats can easily be added because clo++ generates its output using templates.

Download Website Updated 31 Aug 2009 JRainWords

Pop 30.35
Vit 2.03

JRainWords is a small Java program useful in teaching children how to use a computer keyboard.

Download Website Updated 26 Jan 2001 phpGW inventory

Pop 49.02
Vit 69.48

phpGW inventory is an add-on application for phpGroupWare to provide product management.

Download Website Updated 04 Jan 2002 Phormation

Pop 61.32
Vit 2.08

Phormation is a set of PHP functions which provide a framework for developing any HTML form connected to a database backend (currently PostgreSQL, MySQL, and ODBC are supported). It allows you to write and make use of reusable widgets so you can develop Web sites more quickly. Phormation has more than 10 widgets including text field, date, file upload, and foreign key select, and is easily extensible. It has good documentation.

Download Website Updated 12 Aug 2002 PC4P

Pop 76.99
Vit 2.82

PC4P (PDF Class for PHP) is a library of php-classes to speed up the creation of reports and letters with support for such things as tables, images, background-images, wordwrap, pagebreak, all kinds of text manipulations, and editing different pdf-pages simultaneously.

Download No website Updated 15 Nov 2003 Fretscale

Pop 30.89
Vit 1.95

fretscale finds fret distances from the nut for stringed musical instruments based on scale length/# frets/decimal accuracy. It can output with/without a heading and with/without the remaining scale distance after each fret.

Download Website Updated 03 May 2001 webEditor

Pop 30.00
Vit 1.75

webEditor is a Web application that manages the content of a news-based Web site (that is, a CMS). It's based on Cocoon, the Apache XML Web publishing system, and Apache/ApacheJServ as the Webserver/Servlet platform.

Download Website Updated 27 Feb 2007 SISC

Pop 121.33
Vit 14.09

SISC is an extensible Java-based interpreter of the algorithmic language Scheme. It uses modern interpretation techniques and handily outperforms all existing Java interpreters (often by more than an order of magnitude). In addition, SISC is a complete implementation of the language. The entire R5RS Scheme standard is supported. This includes a full number tower including complex number support and arbitrary precision integers and floating point numbers, proper tail recursion, hygienic macros, and full support for first-class continuations (not just the escaping continuations found in many other systems).

Download Website Updated 10 Sep 2001 squelch

Pop 32.40
Vit 2.51

Squelch is a player dedicated to Ogg Vorbis. It features a sophisticated playlist manager and a Vorbis tag editor. Most popular output types are supported.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 MS-TNEF degenerator

Pop 30.00
Vit 1.00

the MS-TNEF degenerator is a Web frontend for a command line program called tnef. It accepts a "winmail.dat" file sent by Outlook users, decodes its contents, and lets the user download them. This is meant for users who keep getting Outlook attachments they can't read but don't want to use the command line.


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A deduplication-based filesystem for Windows and Linux (SDFS).


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A server logfile statistic analysis program.