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Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 Alfalinux

Pop 34.26
Vit 1.45

Alfalinux is a Slackware-like Linux distribution on two floppy disks. It doesn't have any restrictive/reduced/remade system parts and contains all the required applications for disk operations, recovering, and networking.

Download Website Updated 07 Aug 2000 MINIX

Pop 37.82
Vit 70.75

MINIX is a free UNIX clone that is available with all the source code. Due to its small size, microkernel-based design, and ample documentation, it is well suited to people who want to run a UNIX-like system on their personal computer and learn about how such systems work inside. It is possible for a person unfamiliar with operating system internals to understand nearly the entire system after just a few months use and study.

Download No website Updated 01 Jan 2000 normr's firewall/router

Pop 28.57
Vit 72.27

normr's firewall/router is another single floppy distribution of Linux. This distribution lets you use an old 486 computer to share a cable modem or ADSL connection. A Web-based interface makes this distribution simple to setup and maintain.

No download Website Updated 16 Nov 1999 Corel Linux

Pop 36.91
Vit 72.59

Corel Linux is a Linux distribution built on Debian. It features a four-step GUI install and the KDE Desktop environment, and is available as an ISO, a set of Corel binary packages, or source.


Project Spotlight


A tool that counts the number of integer points in parametric polytopes.


Project Spotlight


A CalDAV Web client.