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No download Website Updated 29 Feb 2008 iloog

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iloog is a Gentoo-based live CD targeted mainly at students and scientists. It features UnionFS filesystem support that enables you to write everywhere on the LiveCD and install extra packages, a graphical X environment through the Fluxbox window manager, many programming editors and IDEs, and a plethora of scientific applications, including Octave, Namd, Merlin, and full (La)TeX support.

Download No website Updated 17 Jul 2008 ioFlock

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ioFlock is a social Web browser based on the Mozilla Firefox code base. It is built with SpatialBundle technology, so it does not require installation nor any administrator privilege access.

Download Website Updated 13 Aug 2003 joeq virtual machine

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joeq is a Java 2 (JDK 1.3 and 1.4) compatible virtual machine. It is unique in that it is entirely implemented in Java, leading to greater reliability, portability, maintainability, and efficiency. It is also language-independent, so code from any supported language can be seamlessly compiled, linked, and executed dynamically.

Download Website Updated 10 Feb 2008 kdb

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kdb is a debugger that is part of the linux kernel and provides a means of examining kernel memory and data structures while the system is operational. Additional commands may be easily added to format and display essential system data structures given an identifier or address of the data structure. The current command set allows complete control of kernel operations including single-stepping a processor, stopping upon execution of a specific instruction, stopping upon access (or modification) of a specific virtual memory location, stopping upon access to a register in the input-output address space, stack tracebacks for the current active task as well as for all other tasks (by process id), instruction disassembly, et. al.

No download Website Updated 26 Apr 2009 latrace

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latrace is a glibc 2.4+ LD_AUDIT frontend. It allows you to trace library calls and get their statistics in a manner similar to the strace utility.

Download Website Updated 03 Feb 2004 libproclist

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libproclist is a very simple and easy to use C library that returns the process listing using ps. It is very portable and is known to work on Linux, Irix, AIX, Solaris and OpenBSD. It doesn't, however, work for FreeBSD.

Download Website Updated 24 Sep 2008 libsharedmem

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libsharedmem is an easy to use C library for handling shared memory blocks on POSIX compatible systems. It also contains malloc()/realloc()/free() -style shared allocation functionality and synchronization primitives. libshmsg adds optional zero-copy message passing functionality on top of libsharedmem.

No download Website Updated 25 Mar 2008 linux-libre

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Linux-libre is a version of the official Linux kernel with the non-free software removed.

Download Website Updated 31 Jan 2014 m23

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m23 is a software deployment system for Debian GNU/Linux that allows you to install and administrate hundreds of clients via network. It can partition and format clients and install Debian, (K/X)Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, OpenSuse, and CentOS operating systems on your virtual and physical clients. Group functions allow the comfortable update and installation of further packages during operation. Mass installation functions simplify your administration chores. m23 has a Web interface. Backup functions are implemented for server and clients.

No download Website Updated 04 Feb 2006 midge

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Midge is a Linux OpenWrt-like mini-distribution for ADM5120 based routers, such as Edimax BR-6104K. It includes basic tools such as sh, dropbear_ssh, inetd, syslogd, telnet, netcat, tftp, wget, vi, and more. It uses the ipkg package system, which can be used for installing new software.


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A program that backs up and restores data.


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A command-line or HTTP CGI hashing utility.