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Download No website Updated 14 Dec 2002 Process Monitor for Linux

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Vit 2.16

Process Monitor for Linux is a small kernel module that allows you to watch all programs executed on the system. It is useful for generating full listings of programs (and their supplied arguments) run by certain "potentially dangerous" users on a system.

Download Website Updated 08 Dec 2002 Sidewinder Forcefeedback 2 driver

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Vit 2.52

The Sidewinder Forcefeedback 2 driver is a project to make a full capabilities driver for the Microsoft Forcefeedback 2 joystick.

Download Website Updated 03 Dec 2002 KernelDriver

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Vit 3.06

KernelDriver automates your Windows 2000/NT, Windows Me/98/95 and Linux device driver development by providing you with powerful tools for hardware debugging, driver code generation, and driver debugging. KernelDriver supports PCI / USB / ISA and EISA drivers. KernelDriver for Windows and Linux includes the powerful Driver Wizard. Using the Driver Wizard you can graphically debug your hardware by "peeking" and "poking" at it without writing a single line of code. After your hardware is diagnosed, use the Driver Wizard to generate a complete kernel mode device driver which will drive your hardware.

Download Website Updated 26 Nov 2002 Virtual Network Address Translation

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Vit 1.00

Virtual Network Address Translation (VNAT) is a novel architecture that allows transparent migration of end-to-end live network connections associated with various computation units. Such computation units can be either a single process, or a group of processes, or an entire host. It virtualizes network connections perceived by transport protocols so that identification of network connections is decoupled from stationary hosts. Such virtual connections are then remapped into physical connections to be carried on the physical network using network address translation.

Download Website Updated 25 Nov 2002 ENBD

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Vit 5.17

The ENBD (Enhanced Network Block Device) is an industrial-strength version of the Linux kernel NBD. It makes a remote disk look like a local block device, allowing cheap and safe realtime mirrors to be built over the net. It features internal block-journalling and multichannel failover.

Download Website Updated 23 Oct 2002 statsnet

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Vit 1.42

Statsnet is a small set of scripts that will generate graphical statistics for a specific device. The statistics contain among other things, transmitted/received packets as well as bytes. In addition, it shows amount of currently tracked connections in the conntrack engine of netfilter.

Download No website Updated 15 Oct 2002 Secure On-the-Fly File Integrity Checker

Pop 40.61
Vit 2.03

SOFFIC is a Linux kernel patch that provides file integrity control integrated into the normal system operation (on-the-fly). It checks a file's integrity each time a monitored file is opened for reading or execution, and issues a warning if it is found to be invalid. It protects against rootkits, backdoors, worms, viruses, Web defacement, unauthorized installation and use of new software (e.g. malicious tools), etc.

Download Website Updated 14 Oct 2002 ratemask

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Vit 1.42

ratemask is a small program that will make it easier to create ICMP type masks, as used in the icmp_ratemask sysctl, viewable through the /proc filesystem.

Download Website Updated 29 Sep 2002 pvrusb

Pop 22.54
Vit 1.02

pvrusb is a Linux driver for the WinTV PVR USB (not the plain WinTV USB), a USB MPEG2 encoder with a TV tuner.

Download Website Updated 19 Sep 2002 Linux Trace Toolkit

Pop 85.53
Vit 4.65

The Linux Trace Toolkit catalogs system events in minute detail, and allows a user to determine exactly what is transpiring on his system, down to the microsecond.


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