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No download Website Updated 27 Aug 2004 Linux-kernel security patch

Pop 42.28
Vit 2.16

The Linux-kernel security patch includes security improvements that implement random PIDs, random port numbers for IPv4, NAT, and IPv6, and enhanced random numbers for networking.

Download Website Updated 18 May 2004 Zool Linux

Pop 58.14
Vit 2.13

Zool Linux is a project whose goal is to assist in making Linux mini-distributions, useful for floppy-based rescue systems, or to check hardware and network connections. It supports many different filesystems and utilities.

Download Website Updated 16 Jan 2003 Linux Kernel Module Builder

Pop 19.90
Vit 1.00

LKMB is a Perl module that can be used to create a kernel module package, that can later be used to create a package that can be bootstrapped on any GNU machine. It is incomplete, but still partially usable. LKMB is part of the Comprehensive Linux Archive Network (CLAN) meta-project.

Download Website Updated 04 Jul 2003 SMATCH

Pop 53.92
Vit 3.82

SMATCH is a neat program designed to locate programming errors in any open source software project. Right now it is actively used to screen out errors inside the Linux kernel. There are two main parts to Smatch. The first is a patch to the gcc sources to screen out a lot of useful information. The second part is a collection of Perl scripts and libraries to analyze the information and report the findings.

Download Website Updated 14 Aug 2004 C&T 65548 fbdev driver

Pop 35.57
Vit 3.05

This is a framebuffer driver for the Linux 2.4.x kernel that supports the Chips&Technologies 65548 video chip found in older Toshiba Satellite notebooks and Fujitsu Point 510. There is also experimental support for 65545 and 65540 chipsets.

Download Website Updated 27 Jan 2003 openMosixApplet

Pop 38.82
Vit 1.73

The openMosixApplet allows users to see the real-time status of an openMosix cluster. It consists of a daemon which the applet connects to in order to grab the necessary info, and uses the Chart2D library.

No download Website Updated 03 Jun 2003 at76c503 linux driver

Pop 55.37
Vit 2.03

at76c503 is a Linux driver for the wlan USB adapter based on the Atmel at76c503 chip. It currently supports ad-hoc mode, infrastructure mode, and WEP. It supports adapters from Atmel, the Belkin F5D6050, Netgear MA101, and others.

Download Website Updated 02 Sep 2005 IvyTV

Pop 110.84
Vit 4.41

The primary goal of the ivtv project is to provide an Open Source driver for the Hauppauge PVR 250/350 series of MPEG video capture cards, and other cards based on the iCompression iTVC15/Conexant CX23415 and CX23416 MPEG codecs.

Download Website Updated 29 Mar 2005 install_latest_kernel

Pop 55.39
Vit 3.33

install_latest_kernel automates the process of fetching, patching, configuring, building, and installing Linux kernels and updating bootloaders. It is designed for people that often install the latest kernel and get a little bit bored by the standard routine. It is not suitable for newbies and requires a working setup, a kernel configuration file, and the ability to read scripts and apply patches.

No download Website Updated 17 Feb 2004 gmodconfig

Pop 36.88
Vit 2.77

gmodconfig provides a simple way for end- users to download, install, configure, and update Linux kernel modules through an easy- to-use graphic interface. The backend consists of XML files that contain module information and translations.


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