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No download Website Updated 09 Oct 2008 macam

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Macam is a user space USB Webcam driver, supporting Aiptek, 3com, Phillips, Creative, Dexxa, DigitalDream, Dolphin Peripherals, IDT, Intel, Kensington, Lifeview, Logitech, and many other Webcams.

Download No website Updated 07 Oct 2008 Out Of Memory Exstension

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oom_ext is a Linux kernel module that reserves memory that is freed right before the OOM-killer is invoked to allow for large processes to exit nicely. This could be useful in a clustering environment to allow for a monitoring daemon to notify a sysadmin before an out of memory condition.

No download Website Updated 27 Sep 2008 OpenL2TP

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OpenL2TP is an L2TP client/server written specifically for Linux. It has been designed for use as an enterprise L2TP VPN server or for use in commercial, Linux-based, embedded networking products. It consists of a daemon, openl2tpd, which handles the L2TP control protocol exchanges for all tunnels and sessions, a plugin for pppd to allow its PPP connections to run over L2TP sessions, a Linux kernel driver for efficient datapath, and a command line application for management.

Download Website Updated 28 Aug 2008 Squashfs

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Squashfs is a highly compressed read-only filesystem for Linux. It uses zlib to compress files, inodes, and directories. All blocks are packed to minimize the data overhead, and block sizes of between 4K and 1M are supported. It is intended to be used for archival use, for live CDs, and for embedded systems where low overhead is needed.

Download No website Updated 16 Jul 2008 DeLiRiuM

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DeLiRiuM is a 32-bit nanokernel hybrid operating system. One of its aims is developing and testing unconventional interfaces between OS and userspace rather than providing yet another ubiquitous POSIX.1-like API. The goal is to do this in a not only in a programmer friendly way, but also without sacrificing modern OS features or performance. Development currently targets IA-32 (x86), the Xen hypervisor, and Unix userspace. The DeLiRiuM kernel is primarily written in ANSI C and x86 assembler (gas).

Download Website Updated 10 Jul 2008 OKL4

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OKL4 is a microkernel that is designed to provide high-performance and secure OS and virtualization technology especially for use in embedded systems. It is a descendant of NICTA::Pistachio-embedded, itself a descendant of L4Ka::Pistachio.

Download Website Updated 23 Jun 2008 Chiron FS

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Chiron FS is a FUSE based filesystem that implements replication at the filesystem level like RAID 1 does at the device level. The replicated filesystem may be of any kind you want; the only requisite is that you mount it. There is no need for special configuration files; the setup is as simple as one mount command (or one line in fstab).

No download Website Updated 16 Jun 2008 Distributed Inter-Process Communications

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DIPC allows an application programmer to easily (transparently) send and receive data, synchronise using semaphores, and use a shared memory over a network. Distributed computing is thus made very easy. DIPC modifies System V's message queues, semaphores, and shared memory segments so that they can operate not just within a single computer, but over a cluster of computers. The programming model is very similar to that of a group of processes running on the same computer and exchanging data.

Download Website Updated 05 May 2008 Plash

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Plash is a sandbox for running GNU/Linux programs with minimum privileges. It is suitable for running both command line and GUI programs. It can dynamically grant Gtk-based GUI applications access rights to individual files that you want to open or edit. This happens transparently through the Open/Save file chooser dialog box, by replacing GtkFileChooserDialog. Plash virtualizes the file namespace and provides per-process/per-sandbox namespaces. It can grant processes read-only or read-write access to specific files and directories, mapped at any point in the filesystem namespace. It does not require modifications to the Linux kernel.

Download Website Updated 20 Apr 2008 OperaFS

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OperaFS is a Linux implementation of the Opera file system, which is the file system used on 3DO CD-ROMs.


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