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No download Website Updated 19 Dec 2006 PlanMaker

Pop 39.42
Vit 3.49

PlanMaker is a spreadsheet application that is compatible with Microsoft Excel. It features more than 320 calculation functions, and contains Excel-compatible charting and an Excel-compatible AutoShapes drawing layer. It launches quickly and has a small memory footprint.

Download Website Updated 12 May 2004 Setswana Spellchecker

Pop 11.36
Vit 1.00

Setswana Spellchecker is a spellchecker for Setswana that was created using the Scannell and Otlogetswe wordlist. It includes versions for MySpell for use in OpenOffice and Mozilla on both Windows and Linux.

Download Website Updated 09 Jun 2004 Pod::OOoWriter

Pop 24.90
Vit 1.42

Pod::OOoWriter is a Perl module that converts text in POD format to OpenOffice.org Writer (.sxw) format. It uses an existing .sxw file as a template, searching for special tokens to identify which style should be applied to each POD directive.

Download Website Updated 25 May 2011 SugarCRM

Pop 265.74
Vit 2.57

SugarCRM is a complete CRM system for businesses of all sizes. Core CRM functionality includes sales force automation, marketing campaigns, support cases, project management, calendaring, and more. It supports MySQL and MS SQL Server for the database.

Download Website Updated 04 Apr 2007 Da'ath

Pop 30.28
Vit 2.04

Da'ath is an organized, easy to use, in-depth search tool using MySQL full-text searching. This allows searching for error messages, select words, phrases, or null searches, to produce a relevant search result from searching all fields of importance. It supports full administration of creating, editing, authorizing, and deleting solutions. There is full-text searching using a MySQL database based on title, summary, and solution with filter options. It supports alternative searches through the Google and ask.com search engines. Logging and syslog is supported for tracking. There is a version history for all solutions, and a directory tree view for a quick overview of all solutions.

Download No website Updated 29 Jun 2004 Outdoor Advertisment Project

Pop 8.89
Vit 60.17

Outdoor Advertisment Project is software for an advertisment agency. It supports managing billboards, managing surfaces, managing a client's base, and managing advertisment action for your clients. It has a simple GUI interface, and it supports MySQL and localization (currently for English and Russian).

No download Website Updated 23 Oct 2004 OpenOffice.org Tools

Pop 53.48
Vit 1.76

OpenOffice.org Tools is a GUI-based Java program that complements OpenOffice. The tools include a Writer file properties viewer, a modified word counter, and a bibliography converter. The file properties viewer reads, displays, and searches the properties (title, subject, keywords, and comments) of all OpenOffice Word Processor documents in a directory. The view can be customized and auto-loaded on program start-up. The word counter counts words bounded by spaces. This is different from the word count provided by OpenOffice, which counts hyphenated words as more than one word. The bibliography converter imports bibliographic information from BibTeX and OpenOffice files and exports them to a database format supported by OpenOffice to be used as a bibliography database.

Download Website Updated 24 Apr 2007 tpp

Pop 46.08
Vit 3.33

tpp stands for text presentation program and is an ncurses-based presentation tool. Presentations can be written with any text editor in a simple description format and then displayed on any text terminal that is supported by ncurses.

Download Website Updated 27 Sep 2006 Osmose

Pop 30.30
Vit 1.96

Osmose is a tool to prepare multimedia presentations. It has been tested under Mac OS X (Panther and Tiger), Linux, and Windows XP with Java 1.4.2. It allows you to print the presentations and to visualize them on the screen and on the Web in HTML (under Mac OS X, it is also easy to create PDF files from your presentations). Osmose is based on a research work that proposes a new way to create digital documents. Rather than WYSIWYG, it is a more complete way of working that articulates working on the content, adding multimedia files, and working on the style using a graphic theme.

No download Website Updated 21 Feb 2005 BeatrIX Linux

Pop 35.07
Vit 1.02

BeatrIX Linux is a 180-megabyte live CD that is also installable to hard drive. It features kernel 2.6.7, Gnome 2.8, Evolution 2.0, Firefox 1.0 with AdBlock, Open Office 1.1.2, Vim, Apt, xPDF and more. It tracks the Ubuntu package repository. It was originally built for the mini-ITX motherboards from Via, but it runs on just about any Pentium-class PC with 64 megs of RAM or more. It's a get-the-job-done distribution for people who want the basics.


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