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No download Website Updated 22 Dec 2002 TVShow

Pop 28.57
Vit 1.41

TVShow is a platform-independent software package for searching, managing, and recording television shows. It consists of a Java Swing front-end for searching and managing the listings, using a SOAP service. The backend format is XMLTV.

Download Website Updated 07 Apr 2013 Kdenlive

Pop 163.92
Vit 10.47

Kdenlive is a non-linear video editor for KDE. It provides all project management and editing tools while relying on a separate rendering framework (currently MLT/FFmpeg) to perform the editing operations. Kdenlive provides dual video monitors, a multi-track timeline, and clip list. Other features include customizable layout support, basic effects and transitions, multiple file formats, and full project and asset management support. Editing in Kdenlive is possible with various tools via the timeline and video monitors, allowing you to move and resize one or more clips, and razor clips into two. All timeline tools can snap to clip start/ends and the current seek position. You may playback/preview the contents of the timeline at any point during the edit. Kdenlive communicates with a render engine which handles the actual video data.

No download Website Updated 29 Feb 2004 MPEGinsu

Pop 12.57
Vit 1.48

MPEGinsu is an AppleScript front-end for the mpgtx command-line MPEG utility. It uses QuickTime Player to cue up cut points.

Download Website Updated 29 Jun 2003 iVideo

Pop 23.37
Vit 1.00

iVideo is multitrack video editing software, created in Cocoa (Objective-C) and using QuickTime. It was developed for all general video purposes, and to include all of the features of QuickTime Pro and iMovie. It is almost complete; you can import video from digital cameras (using FireWire) or from any QuickTime format supported file, then edit, modify, and mix them, and apply any video effect on or between them. You can then export them to any QuickTime supported format.

Download Website Updated 13 Jan 2004 LVE

Pop 79.90
Vit 2.87

LVE provides frame and GOP accurate editing of MPEG1/2 elementary ("ES") and program streams ("PS"), including VOB format. The cutting engine is based on a frame server (demuxer), which guarantees exact and fast seeking to every frame. The GUI is based on libSDL. Video scenes are handled as thumbnails movable by drag and drop. Final videos can be build with or without re-encoding. Tools for shrinking and DVD authoring are also available.

Download Website Updated 07 Oct 2003 OpenVIP

Pop 67.32
Vit 1.00

OpenVIP is a flexible video-processing tool for Unix and Windows. It consists of two parts: the OpenVIP core, which is written in C/C++, and a Python GUI editor based on the timeline concept. The library can be used by other multimedia applications and is easily extensible with custom plugins (I/O formats, filters, transitions or more general modules).

No download Website Updated 05 Jul 2004 ETV Personal Video Recorder

Pop 58.92
Vit 3.06

ETV is a personal video recorder (PVR) especially suited for European use. It can schedule by hand or according to rules based on XMLTV. It can also time-shift. The recorder runs on Linux, and the scheduler and frontend on either Linux or Windows. Its GUI is designed to be used with a remote on a TV screen.

No download Website Updated 03 Mar 2004 MPEGlue

Pop 15.20
Vit 1.00

MPEGlue is an AppleScript front-end for the mpgtx command- line MPEG utility.

Download Website Updated 06 Jan 2006 GOPDIT

Pop 43.95
Vit 3.11

GOPDIT (GOP accurate eDITor) is a simple program that lets you cut and merge MPEG2-PS files at GOP boundaries. It supports no other file types or operations. Its main purpose is to remove commercials from TV recordings.

No download Website Updated 04 Apr 2005 kmenc15

Pop 37.95
Vit 2.05

kmenc15 is an MEncoder frontend, generally designed to be a VirtualDub replacement for Linux. It is most useful for editing and encoding large, high-quality AVIs capped from TV. It allows cutting and merging at exact frames, applying any MPlayer/MEncoder filter, with previews. It does not support opening MPEGs.


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