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Download Website Updated 20 May 2002 Simplecodes 2x

Pop 30.50
Vit 2.01

Simplecodes 2x (SC2x) is a content management system with news submission, forums, download tracking, and site administration options.

Download Website Updated 22 Jun 2007 Project Steve Guttenberg

Pop 115.07
Vit 6.22

Project Steve Guttenberg is a PHP-driven diary/journal/blogging application that integrates seamlessly into an existing Web site. It provides many of the core features (including comments, trackbacks, RSS 2.0, tags, and searching) and administrative controls (all Web-based) of other, larger systems, but doesn't use a database, is XHTML 1.1-compliant and its look can be completely customized via CSS. It can easily be scaled to host several journal sites with a single installation.

Download Website Updated 07 Oct 2004 Rss Viewer

Pop 75.30
Vit 3.18

RSS Viewer is a Java-based ticker application. It uses JAXP to parse RSS-sites (RDF site summary). It is easy to use and easy to configure. It has 2 different views: a browser-like view with graphics and search-boxes, and a simple ticker-view which saves place on your desktop.

No download Website Updated 19 Mar 2002 @1 Content Board for Desktop and Handheld

Pop 33.23
Vit 66.74

Conten Board for Desktop and Handheld allows you to maintain articles on your Web site from a desktop or handheld device. The articles can be viewed from a desktop browser, PDA browser, or other PDA software. It has been tested on Palmscape, Handspring Blazer, and iSilo (using Sony Clie).

No download Website Updated 16 Mar 2002 Boxx News Pro

Pop 10.63
Vit 66.76

Boxx News Pro is a PHP/MySQL-based application that allows you to update the news on your Web site from anywhere in the world. It has a secure login and can support multiple admins with a variety of access levels. It allows you to change all settings online and is very easy to install.

Download Website Updated 08 Jun 2002 mcNews

Pop 22.27
Vit 2.26

mcNews allows you and your visitors to publish News and Comments on your site, after validation. It features an automated installation design in one file (with two skins provided), a language pack in one file (French and English provided), an anti-flood HTML filter with up to three links allowed, email sent to you for every new post, password protection, and a Web-based admin panel.

No download Website Updated 12 Mar 2002 Testatos

Pop 11.18
Vit 1.00

Testatos helps (computer science) teachers manage exercises, solutions, and absences for their students.

Download Website Updated 25 Sep 2007 PHPX

Pop 176.41
Vit 8.45

PHPX is a Web portal system, blog, Content Management System (CMS), forum, and more. It is designed to allow everyone to be able to have feature-rich, interactive websites even if you do not know a bit of programming. Some key features include fully-integrated forums, downloads, an image gallery with slideshow and auto-thumbnailing, support ticket system, a GUI interface for Web page content management, news with topics and instances, and a whole lot more. It allows you to fully customize the look of your site.

Download Website Updated 12 Mar 2002 SODA News System

Pop 18.28
Vit 1.73

SODA is another Slash site system, including a storytelling system, advanced user management, polling system, comments and general forums, style installation, Hebrew support, and more. It is written in PHP and uses MySQL for database manipulation.

No download Website Updated 04 Feb 2002 Edge community engine

Pop 15.81
Vit 1.00

The Edge Community Engine was created in 2000 for use on Box networks, and it is both sturdy and small. Feature rich and easily configurable, it offers the perfect platform for a simple yet powerful community portal which has functionality from message boards to news submission. It is under heavy development, and many features are added to the engine all the time. With more than 100,000 active users on the original sites, stability and security has top priority in future development, while still maintaining a simple user interface.


Project Spotlight


A Java library supporting FTPS (FTP over SSL) and SFTP.


Project Spotlight


A Python extension module wrapper for libattr.