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No download Website Updated 06 May 2014 Mnemo

Pop 403.95
Vit 100.92

Mnemo Note Manager is the Horde notes/memos application. It provides Web-based notes and freeform text in a way similar to the PalmOS Note application and shared notepads. It requires the Horde Application Framework and a SQL database for backend storage.

Download Website Updated 02 May 2003 RealizationEngine Group Communicator

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Vit 5.09

The RealizationEngine is designed from the ground up to facilitate group communication and collaboration. It will store that communication to built and manage an institutional knowledge base. It is accessible from any Web browser or Web-enabled device. Classified information is easily restricted to authorized individuals. Information can be compartmentalized, restricted, or published openly, as appropriate, all from the same system. Ideas are coherently threaded, and every message is searchable in a single location and in the context of the messages related to it.

Download Website Updated 10 Jun 2002 dblog

Pop 18.49
Vit 1.00

dblog is a simple shell script blogging utility.

Download Website Updated 09 Dec 2005 Rippy the Aggregator

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Vit 3.76

Rippy the Aggregator is a lightweight RSS aggregator written in vanilla PHP. It downloads headlines from a configurable list of regularly-updated Web sites, and merges the items into a single list of all the latest news. Rippy could be used to keep track of several favourite sites, or as an automatic supply of filler material on a public Web site. It uses local files to store its persistent information, requiring no database and no non-default PHP library support.

Download Website Updated 27 Aug 2002 vtticker

Pop 25.22
Vit 1.43

vtticker is a Perl script that grabs pages from videotext/teletext (using alevt-cap) and transforms them to RSS, a form of XML which can be read by a variety of news ticker applications. Depending on the content of your TV station's videotext, it can present high-quality news and stock quotes on your desktop. Different subscripts are needed to support different TV stations.

Download Website Updated 07 May 2011 Drivel

Pop 113.08
Vit 8.89

Drivel is a GNOME client for working with online journals, also known as weblogs or simply blogs. It retains a simple and elegant design while providing many powerful features, including support for LiveJournal, Blogger, MovableType, Advogato, and Atom journals. (Systems based off these are also supported, including WordPress and Drupal.)

Download Website Updated 15 Oct 2002 Keyring

Pop 25.10
Vit 2.28

Keyring is an application for the Qtopia palmtop environment, specifically designed for the Sharp SL 5500. It allows users to store passwords and account information in a resonably secure fashion. Blowfish encryption is used to encrypt data in flash.

No download Website Updated 24 Jan 2003 Clan Admin

Pop 36.12
Vit 2.73

Clan Admin is a Perl CGI script to administer a clan Website. It takes care of news pages, an active roster, a link manager, scheduled matches, match records, and personal bio pages. It is template-based and designed to work with any existing site design. It only requires access to Perl and SSI.

Download Website Updated 09 Aug 2003 tkblog

Pop 26.32
Vit 3.67

tkblog is a cross-platform standalone blogging application written in Tcl/Tk.

Download Website Updated 19 Apr 2002 myJournal

Pop 18.00
Vit 1.00

myJournal is a weblog that stores data in plain text files, which means it can be operated without needing a database. It features admin and security options, and is easy to customize.


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A Java library supporting FTPS (FTP over SSL) and SFTP.


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A Python extension module wrapper for libattr.