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Download Website Updated 10 Oct 2007 Woclema

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Woclema is weblogging software that is intended to be managed and edited using the command line. However, there is no reason a HTML UI couldn't be implemented. Woclema offers template-based layout, strict XHTML output, post categories, permanent links, comments, and simple spam-protection.

No download Website Updated 02 Oct 2007 Net Edit Panel

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NEP is a Web application for editing Web pages. NEP is designed to be easy to use and as light as possible, so it won't take too much space in your Web site server.

Download Website Updated 25 Sep 2007 PHPX

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PHPX is a Web portal system, blog, Content Management System (CMS), forum, and more. It is designed to allow everyone to be able to have feature-rich, interactive websites even if you do not know a bit of programming. Some key features include fully-integrated forums, downloads, an image gallery with slideshow and auto-thumbnailing, support ticket system, a GUI interface for Web page content management, news with topics and instances, and a whole lot more. It allows you to fully customize the look of your site.

Download Website Updated 22 Sep 2007 Stephen Ostermiller's RSS Reader

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Stephen Ostermiller's RSS Reader is an RSS reader that runs under a Web server as a CGI script. It aggregates RSS feeds from an XML configuration file and shows all feeds in a single page, multi-column display.

Download Website Updated 13 Sep 2007 pppBLOG

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pppBLOG is a simple Weblog package. It uses plain text files and does not require any database. It includes a photo gallery with automatic thumbnail creation and more. pppBLOG is based on Simple PHP Blog and TFT gallery.

No download Website Updated 12 Aug 2007 Nomad PIM

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Nomad PIM is an extensible personal information manager. It allows you to keep track of your personal data and provides modules for notes, schedule, contacts, money, diary, and timetracking. It is implemented as an Eclipse RCP application. Like Eclipse, it provides extension points for extensions by additional plugins.

Download Website Updated 28 Jul 2007 Web Of Web

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Web of Web (WoW) is a secure platform for realtime sharing of structual information like Mind Maps. It allows concurrent authoring as well as collaboration from all over the Web.

No download Website Updated 27 Jul 2007 ArticleLive

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ArticleLive is a news and article publishing system, designed with end user ease of use in mind. It features unlimited authors, categories, news, articles, blogs, and pages, as well as a powerful permissions system, search engine friendly URLs, WYSIWYG content creation, cross-browser compatibility, and a template-driven front and backend. You can easily add Google Adsense with a click of a button, receive articles from iSnare.com and Article Marketeer automatically. and use a wide range of professionally designed templates.

Download Website Updated 10 Jul 2007 BottomFeeder

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BottomFeeder is an application that reads and displays RSS and Atom-formatted feeds. RSS and Atom are syndication formats used by a large number of news sites and Web logs.

Download Website Updated 22 Jun 2007 Project Steve Guttenberg

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Project Steve Guttenberg is a PHP-driven diary/journal/blogging application that integrates seamlessly into an existing Web site. It provides many of the core features (including comments, trackbacks, RSS 2.0, tags, and searching) and administrative controls (all Web-based) of other, larger systems, but doesn't use a database, is XHTML 1.1-compliant and its look can be completely customized via CSS. It can easily be scaled to host several journal sites with a single installation.


Project Spotlight


A Java library supporting FTPS (FTP over SSL) and SFTP.


Project Spotlight


A Python extension module wrapper for libattr.