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Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 TSpaces

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TSpaces is a set of network communication buffers called tuple spaces and a set of APIs (and classes that implement the API) for accessing those buffers. TSpaces allows heterogeneous, Java-enabled devices to exchange data with little programming effort. The package includes server software that implements the buffers and client software for accessing the buffers.

Download Website Updated 20 May 2008 PIKT

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PIKT is cross-categorical, multi-purpose software for monitoring and configuring computer systems, administering networks, organizing system security, and much more. PIKT is intended primarily for system monitoring, and secondarily for configuration management, but its versatility and extensibility evoke many other wide-ranging uses. PIKT consists of a sophisticated, feature-rich file preprocessor; an innovative scripting language with unique labor-saving features; a flexible, centrally directed process scheduler; a customizing file installer; a collection of powerful command-line extensions; and other useful tools.

Download Website Updated 21 Oct 2002 Fake

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Fake has been designed to switch in backup servers on a LAN. It has been used to success over the last year to switch in backup Mail, Web and Proxy servers during periods of both unscheduled and scheduled down time. Fake allows you to take over the IP address of another machine in the LAN by bringing up an additional interface and making use of ARP spoofing. The additional interface can be either a physical interface or an IP alias.

Download Website Updated 16 Feb 2010 Naken Chat

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Naken Chat is a port of Javachat to C. Javachat can be directly replaced with this server and the Java chat client or telnet client will talk to it as if it was Javachat. Naken Chat is multithreaded (like Javachat) and has all the features (channels, gagging, squelching, private messages, etc) and has been tested on: Linux, FreeBSD, Irix, Solaris, and Win32.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 relaycheck

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relaycheck scans a network for SMTP hosts that permit "relaying" of email. These servers are vulnerable because a 3rd party could come in and use the mail server to relay mail through the server for the purpose of spamming. relaycheck is a pretty crude tool, but it's fast and functional. It requires perl and libwww.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 sifi

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The SINUS Firewall is a TCP/IP packet filter for Linux. Some of its features are stateful inspection of TCP communications, text-based configuration, graphical management interface for configuration of several firewalls, dynamic rules, prevention of packet and address spoofing, extensive logging, alerting, and counter intelligence.

Download Website Updated 26 Feb 2012 Smail

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Smail is a Mail Transport Agent. Its job is to accept mail messages from sources on the local machine, or from remote hosts, and deliver those messages to the appropriate destinations, be they to remote hosts or to files or programs on the local machine. Smail is designed to be mostly compatible with sendmail but uses a much simpler configuration scheme.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 mxCrypto

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mxCrypto is an extension package that provides OO-style access to the cipher algorithms and hash functions included in OpenSSL/SSLeay, a very nifty cryptographic library originally written by Eric Young and now maintained by the OpenSSL team. Its main purpose is filling in the missing parts in Andrew Kuchling's pycrypt export package with high quality implementations. Due to the ITAR export restrictions on cryptographic software, Andrew's implementations are not legally downloadable from outside the US.

Download Website Updated 19 Mar 2006 Calamaris

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Calamaris parses the logfiles of a wide variety of Web proxy servers and generates reports about peak-usage, request-methods, status-report of incoming and outgoing requests, second and top-level destinations, content-types, and performance.

Download Website Updated 04 Aug 2004 CIPE

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CIPE (Crypto IP Encapsulation) is an ongoing project to build encrypting IP routers. The protocol used is as lightweight as possible. It is designed for passing encrypted packets between prearranged routers in the form of UDP packets. This is not as flexible as IPSEC but it is enough for the original intended purpose: securely connecting subnets over an insecure transit network.


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A flexible I/O tester/benchmarker.


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An accounting program that embeds OpenOffice.org.