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Download Website Updated 22 Apr 2009 suPHP

Pop 100.44
Vit 5.24

suPHP is a combination of an Apache module (mod_suphp) and an executable which provides a wrapper for PHP. With both together, it is possible to execute PHP scripts with the permissions of their owner without having to place a PHP binary in each user's cgi-bin directory. suPHP doesn't need Apache's suExec, and provides a logging function.

Download Website Updated 23 Nov 2010 surma

Pop 18.81
Vit 1.00

surma stands for Samba user manager. It is a very simple and tiny CGI script that provides a Web interface for changing Samba passwords stored in an smbpasswd file. Originally, surma was designed for ALT Linux distributions.

Download Website Updated 08 Oct 2006 svcmon

Pop 19.75
Vit 1.00

svcmon is a versatile TCP service monitor featuring remote service monitoring and optional email alerting. It is easy to configure yet extremely customisable.

Download Website Updated 07 Nov 2001 swatch

Pop 98.39
Vit 2.18

Swatch was originally written to actively monitor messages as they were written to a log file via the UNIX syslog utility. It has multiple methods of alarming, both visually and by triggering events. The perfect tools for a master loghost. It is known to work flawlessly on Linux (RH5), BSDI, and Solaris 2.6 (patched).

Download Website Updated 01 Jan 2008 synscan

Pop 17.49
Vit 2.35

Synscan is a fast asynchronous half-open port scanner. This tool will send TCP packets with the SYN flag to any block of destination addresses at very high speed. Synscan endeavors to send traffic as fast as the host network interface can support.

Download Website Updated 26 Oct 2011 sysstat for Solaris

Pop 131.76
Vit 13.73

sysstat complements Solaris' system tools for performance analysis. It presents all key performance metrics on a VT100 terminal and has the possibility to toggle its view between different hosts.

Download Website Updated 05 Feb 2003 system call tracker

Pop 76.50
Vit 3.96

The system call tracker is a Linux kernel module and supporting user space applications which allow interception of and possibly taking action upon system calls that match user-defined criteria. It allows you to set such rules as "tell me when someone tries to open /etc/passwd" and "if user '500' tries to connect to the network, fail the system call". It can also be thought of as strace on steroids.

Download No website Updated 12 Mar 2006 tappipe

Pop 45.96
Vit 1.00

tappipe is a VPN that is very small and very easy to set up.

No download Website Updated 17 Nov 2006 tc-viewer

Pop 43.47
Vit 2.07

tc-viewer provides the ability to watch current transfers that take place in HTB and HFSC traffic shaping classes on a specified interface.

Download Website Updated 06 Jun 2003 tc_config

Pop 27.93
Vit 2.28

tc_config is set of scripts for Linux 2.4+ traffic control configuration on Red Hat systems and (hopefully) derivatives. It uses cbq qdisc as root one, and sfq qdisc at the leaves. It includes the snmp_pass utility for getting stats on traffic control via SNMP.


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