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Download Website Updated 21 Sep 2005 COID

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COID is an object-oriented networking library with a tool that automatically generates a lightweight communication layer directly from a C++ class declaration. The coidgen tool automatically extracts designated classes and methods from specified header files and generates a corresponding client class and host dispatcher. The server library manages networked and local connections and provides various services to running objects. The communication layer establishes either remote connection through TCP or direct (vtable) connection between the client and the server (if they reside in the same process).

Download Website Updated 02 Apr 2004 PoGPowerServer

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PoGPowerServer is an advanced server for the online Plane Of Goofiness game.

No download Website Updated 14 Apr 2004 James Project

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JAMES is a framework which enhance collaborative groups by making use of the Web. The main feature of the project is to be able to fit heterogeneous systems. It features a core framework which offers users and groups management, database abstraction, configuration facilities, communication between system modules, permissions checks, and more. It also has a set of modules which make use of the core features to easily implement applications like a forum, a file repository, a news system, or a Wiki.

No download Website Updated 27 Aug 2005 NVU

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Nvu (pronounced N-view, for a "new view") is a complete Web authoring system that combines Web file management and easy-to-use WYSIWYG Web page editing. Nvu is designed to be extremely easy to use, making it ideal for non-technical computer users who want to create an attractive, professional-looking Web site without needing to know HTML or Web coding.

Download Website Updated 12 Feb 2009 dirac

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Dirac is a general-purpose video codec aimed at resolutions from QCIF (176x144) to HDTV (1920x1080), progressive or interlaced. It uses wavelets, motion compensation, and arithmetic coding, and aims to be competitive with other state-of-the-art codecs. The Open Source implementation provides a C++ library with an encoder and decoder.

Download Website Updated 26 Oct 2008 Mule - Universal Message Objects

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Mule is the leading open source ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) and integration platform. It is a scalable, highly distributable object broker that can seamlessly handle interactions with services and applications using disparate transport and messaging technologies.

No download Website Updated 23 Sep 2005 Celtx

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Celtx is a comprehensive software package designed for people who work in the film, TV, theatre, and new media industries. It combines full-feature scriptwriting with media rich pre-production support and enables online collaboration.

No download Website Updated 10 Jun 2004 WordFreak

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WordFreak is a Java-based linguistic annotation tool, designed to support both human and automatic annotation of linguistic data, as well as employ active learning during human correction of automatically annotated data.

Download Website Updated 29 Dec 2009 Classless.Hasher

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Classless.Hasher is a collection of standard hashing and checksum algorithms implemented within the .NET framework (Microsoft, Mono, etc.). It provides a uniform interface to easily use any of the algorithms contained within this library in other programs.

No download Website Updated 12 Nov 2004 Copy URL+

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The Copy URL+ extension for Firefox and Mozilla makes it possible to copy the current document's address to the clipboard along with additional information such as the document's title, the current selection, or both. This behavior could be useful when you want to send an interesting link to a friend by IM or email and out of laziness don't want to copy the parts individually.


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Pipe Viewer

A pipeline data transfer meter.


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A Web-based change management, issue tracking, and help desk customer support system.