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No download Website Updated 24 Jan 2008 VoiceBuntu

Pop 73.32
Vit 2.11

VoiceBuntu (formerly Ubunterisk) is an Ubuntu-based live CD that uses Asterisk and VoiceOne to provide VoIP service without any system installation process. VoiceOne is a Web-based GUI for the Asterisk PBX. Ubunterisk can be used as a phone client as well as a PBX server. Ubunterisk can be administered either remotely or by accessing its local GUI. A capser-rw filesystem is used to store the system's data persistently.

No download Website Updated 07 Dec 2007 Correo

Pop 22.36
Vit 1.82

Correo is a mail client that blends technology from two popular Mozilla projects, Camino and Thunderbird, to create a polished native Macintosh application.

Download Website Updated 05 Dec 2007 ua

Pop 56.66
Vit 1.42

ua is a simple command line tool that finds sets of identical files. The name is derived from the Hungarian word ugyanaz, meaning the same. The development of ua was motivated by the disturbingly often recurring event of waiting too long for a shell script using sorts, md5sums, diffs, and the like to finish finding identical files.

Download Website Updated 02 Dec 2007 Swiftdove

Pop 18.08
Vit 1.02

Swiftdove is an optimized build of the Mozilla Thunderbird email client for Linux. There will not be as many builds as Swiftweasel, but the resulting application will be fast and reliable. Also unlike Swiftweasel, Swiftdove will not provide development versions.

No download Website Updated 26 Nov 2007 Firefox Showcase

Pop 21.68
Vit 1.43

Showcase is a Mozilla Firefox plugin that allows tabs and windows to be managed by showing them as thumbnails in a single window, tab, or sidebar. It includes a find bar that will filter the thumbnails and the capability to select the thumbnails in the same way you would select files in your system.

Download Website Updated 31 Oct 2007 PHP-STL

Pop 21.98
Vit 1.78

php-stl is a templating implementation similar to Java's JSTL. This is a tag-based template engine with configurable classes to handle various tags. The templates are written in XML, which differs from the JSTL, but provides clean output. Note that php-stl now provides its own template handling, but leaves intact using either PHPSavant (http://phpsavant.com) or Smarty (http://smarty.php.net/) as a compiler. Note also that php-stl is designed for PHP 5, though a PHP 4 implementation wouldn't be difficult.

Download Website Updated 31 Oct 2007 PfP Studio

Pop 51.17
Vit 2.40

PfP Studio is a visual programming system for rapid application development of DHTML-based applications using PHP and Javascript. The front-end runs in a Web browser. It is intended to complement the skills of the developer rather than to mask out the base languages. Its objective is to implement reusable widgets in an easy-to-use front end.

Download Website Updated 19 Oct 2007 maven-har-plugin

Pop 17.09
Vit 1.43

maven-har-plugin is a plugin for Apache Maven. It can be used to generate hibernate archives, or HAR files for short. HAR files are used by RedHat's JBoss Application Server to configure Hibernate's object-relational mappings when the app server starts up.

No download Website Updated 14 Sep 2007 Kneemail

Pop 9.06
Vit 2.00

Kneemail is a simple prayer journal software. Your prayer requests, praises, and general journal entries are organized into folders and saved like email messages. It is as simple to use as any email program.

Download Website Updated 26 Aug 2007 Gamoliyas

Pop 18.76
Vit 1.00

Gamoliyas is an implementation of John Conway's Game of Life that is totally written in DHTML (JavaScript, CSS, and HTML). It uses the mouse and keyboard, and is very configurable. This cross-platform and cross-browser game was tested under BeOS, Linux, *BSD, Windows, and others.


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A high performance, scalable database modeled after Bigtable.


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