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Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2010 python-phishtank

Pop 26.57
Vit 39.75

python-phishtank is a simple PhishTank API implementation that checks URLs against known phishing sites.

Download No website Updated 15 Feb 2010 mod_authn_dovecot

Pop 22.63
Vit 39.55

mod_authn_dovecot is an authentication module for Apache that uses Dovecot as its authentication service, as Dovecot can have many authentication backends (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, PAM, and others).

No download Website Updated 01 Dec 2013 Voodoo Compiler

Pop 94.74
Vit 9.19

The Voodoo compiler is an implementation of the Voodoo programming language. The Voodoo programming language is a low-level programming language, abstracting over the platform's instruction set and calling conventions, but otherwise leaving the programmer free to do anything at all. The Voodoo compiler supports multiple target platforms and provides a stand-alone compiler, as well as a Ruby module for programmatic code generation.

No download Website Updated 10 May 2010 Samba pdbsql

Pop 14.04
Vit 38.47

Pdbsql provides three samba passdb backend modules: pdb_mysql, pdb_pgsql, and pdb_multi. pdb_mysql is a MySQL passdb backend. pdb_pgsql is a PostgreSQL passdb backend. pdb_multi is a backend which loads multiple passdb backends. These are provided because support for MySQL and PostGreSQL passdb backends has been removed from the Samba source tree, due to lack of an active maintainer.

Download No website Updated 06 Oct 2013 Qore YAML module

Pop 24.52
Vit 4.95

The Qore YAML module provides functions that enable Qore data in the Qore programming language to be serialized and deserialized to and from YAML strings and Qore data structures.

Download No website Updated 05 Oct 2013 Qore SSH2 Module

Pop 29.34
Vit 5.53

The Qore SSH2 Module provides access to SSH v2 sessions and the SFTP protocol via libssh2 in the Qore programming language.

No download Website Updated 20 Jun 2010 Qore xmlsec Module

Pop 16.70
Vit 37.93

The Qore xmlsec Module provides the ability for Qore programs to sign, verify, encrypt, and decrypt XML strings according to the xmldsig and xmlenc standards.

No download No website Updated 20 Jun 2010 Qore asn1 Module

Pop 17.44
Vit 37.93

The Qore asn1 Module provides initial ASN.1 functionality that allows Qore programs to parse and generate ASN.1 data.

No download No website Updated 28 Feb 2013 Qore uuid Module

Pop 18.30
Vit 3.07

The Qore uuid module provides the ability to generate, manipulate, and parse UUIDs (universally unique identifiers). It requires qore 0.8.0+ to build and run, as it uses new type info APIs in newer releases of Qore.

Download No website Updated 25 Aug 2010 Glim Friend Invitation

Pop 13.04
Vit 37.05

Glim Friend Invitation is a Joomla module to invite friends. The module is designed to help webmasters gain new visitors by giving users the ability to invite friends. The user sends the message that the administrator sets up by setting up the module parameters.


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A family of graph partitioning programs.


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GroupOffice groupware and CRM

Groupware that lets you share projects, calendars, files, and email online.