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Download Website Updated 01 Feb 2011 JunkBox

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Vit 34.27

JunkBox is a lightweight Web application that can track your files and record every single click. You can get the total number of hits and statistics on who downloaded your files, and how and when. It is completely transparent, so every link looks like an ordinary link to an ordinary file.

No download No website Updated 07 Jul 2010 MyPages

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MyPages is a simple, but surprisingly cunning, templating and content management system for PHP Web sites. MyPages is a single-file CMS that allows you to focus on your site's content and not on its consistency or those boring administrative tasks.

No download No website Updated 07 Feb 2012 get pretty

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get pretty is a PHP5 class that implements mod_rewrite-like behavior to provide 'nicer' URLs for _GET vars. It uses the _SERVER global and does not require any server modifications.


Project Spotlight


A search engine with a RESTFul API and crawlers.


Project Spotlight

Open MPI

A next-generation implementation of the MPI standard.