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Download Website Updated 29 Aug 2001 mixplayd

Pop 12.17
Vit 1.00

mixplayd is a multi-channel MP3 player daemon controlled over a TCP port. It has all functions like play/pause/stop/seeking plus special mixer functions. The number of channels and sound devices (including named pipe support) can be changed at run time. It is meant to be used in conjunction with a playlist-maintaining client.

Download Website Updated 12 Dec 2010 mmix

Pop 18.06
Vit 3.20

mmix is a small OSS audio mixer with a curses-like user interface. It compiles against dietlibc and supports different configurations for all mixer devices which have been found.

Download Website Updated 11 Jul 2003 mmixer

Pop 12.41
Vit 1.79

mmixer is Perl-based audio mixer that features an easy-to-use interface.

Download Website Updated 05 Aug 2006 mp3blaster

Pop 170.20
Vit 7.64

Mp3blaster is an interactive text-based program that plays several audio file types (MP3, Ogg Vorbis, wav, and sid). It is one of the few audio players for the text console that allows full interactive control during playback. One of its key features is the ability to compose a very flexible playlist (while playing!). It plays most MP3 formats and has full mixer support built in.

Download Website Updated 02 Jul 2001 opMixer

Pop 17.44
Vit 2.50

opMixer is a small program used to change the soundcard mixers. It also has the ability to save/load the state of the mixer to/from files with a console-based utility or from within opMixer itself.

Download Website Updated 04 Mar 2005 powermated

Pop 41.29
Vit 3.34

powermated is a program for controlling X applications and command line programs, and for monitoring various aspects of your computer with the Griffin PowerMate USB dial. It can update the PowerMate's LED based on different system monitors (such as CPU usage, XMMS/BMP sound output, and system mixer volume). It also has XOSD support for nifty on screen status displays.

Download Website Updated 03 Dec 2002 ptkmixer

Pop 9.49
Vit 1.00

ptkmixer is a Perl Tk Audio Mixer with an easy-to-use GUI.

Download Website Updated 08 Jul 2003 rexima

Pop 49.02
Vit 2.24

rexima is a curses-based interactive mixer which can also be used from the command-line. It's intended to be a simple, general, usable mixer without all the chrome usually present in other mixers.

Download Website Updated 16 Sep 2003 sGmixer

Pop 27.06
Vit 1.78

sGmixer is simple audio mixer for Linux with an easy-to-use GTK 2 interface. Each channel may be muted individually by clicking on the chanel label (which is a toggle button). Channel settings will be saved when you quit the program and loaded when you start it.

No download Website Updated 06 Feb 2005 somaplayer

Pop 51.59
Vit 4.03

somaplayer is music player for MP3, Ogg, wav, audio CDs, MP3 streams, and Ogg streams. It is able to use the appropriate sound drivers or demons or to stream directly to an Icecast server (Icecast2 or SHOUTcast) or to encode in MP3 and Ogg Vorbis. It also acts as a sound daemon that is able to accept connections from other somaplayers or any other sound player (xmms, mpg123, and others) thanks to a special wrapper.


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