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Download Website Updated 07 Feb 2003 Hird Of PHP Parts

Pop 47.15
Vit 2.54

HOPP is a function-oriented, programmer-friendly PHP library. It provides libraries for a custom static cache, WYSIWYG editable templates, database abstraction, authentication, calendar-based directory navigation, common MIME types, custom debug and error logging, and featureful and abuse-resistant poll generation.

Download Website Updated 03 May 2003 bTemplate

Pop 32.50
Vit 1.80

bTemplate is a PHP class that facilitates the separation of PHP code and various markup languages (HTML, XML, etc.). It provides simple variable interpolation, loops, complex (nested) loops, simple conditionals, and case loops. By default, it uses XML compatible syntax, but the opening and closing tags can be customized.

Download Website Updated 09 May 2003 XmlRepository

Pop 14.18
Vit 63.21

XmlRepository is a storage solution for XML data using a relational database. It provides methods to insert, update, and delete elements or attributes. Complete XML documents can be stored or reconstructed by using simple XPath expressions. This class uses the Edge Table Approach with Inlining to store the data in a single table.

Download Website Updated 22 Oct 2004 PHP Reusable Web Framework

Pop 57.13
Vit 3.45

PHP Reusable Web Framework (rwfPHP) is a set of PHP classes that allow the development of object-oriented, event-driven Web applications. The main goals of rwfPHP are to speed development through the use of a simple event driven model, to encourage reuse of code through Web controls, and to separate the presentation and logic layers through the use of templates.

No download Website Updated 21 Jan 2006 ARSCIF

Pop 64.90
Vit 2.49

ARSCIF is a powerful framework that makes it trivial to use asynchronous remote-script callback invocation (AJAX) techniques. It helps the developer by working out problems such as data and character encoding, concurrency control, browser implementations, and so on, allowing the creation of pages with sophisticated, dynamic features.

Download Website Updated 28 Mar 2008 StringParser_BBCode

Pop 106.66
Vit 4.50

StringParser_BBCode is a PHP class that parses BBCodes with a real parser and not just regular expressions. This ensures that the HTML elements are correctly nested. It does not define any special codes, but allows the programmer to do so herself. It provides many features, such as the automatic detection and handling of paragraphs and the ability to apply different so-called parser functions to different portions of the text that is to be parsed.

Download Website Updated 24 Jun 2007 Phpfw

Pop 22.36
Vit 2.18

Phpfw is a framework for PHP that provides a base on which various database backed applications can be built. It allows for easy creation of CRUD applications (applications where most of the code is focused on create/read/update/delete operations on the database). It uses MVC-like patterns to allow for simpler and cleaner organization of code.

Download No website Updated 13 Apr 2006 GROU.PS Web 2.0 API

Pop 28.90
Vit 1.00

This project aims to bring together frequently used design patterns of Web 2.0 sites. Some examples are tag clouds, styled date differences, and so on. The package currently has limited functions, but will be extended with feedbacks. The API is written in PHP, but will be ported to other Web languages.

Download Website Updated 29 Apr 2006 Object Extensions for PHP

Pop 12.65
Vit 1.00

The Object Extensions for PHP provides several classes that add runtime object extension and callbacks to the language. It allows the programmer to add methods and properties to an object at runtime by dynamically extending by another object. It also allows the creation of object property lists that allow for dynamic setting/getting of values in a fashion similar to JavaScript objects. These object property lists support basic value checking.

Download Website Updated 03 Sep 2007 DutchPIPE

Pop 49.66
Vit 3.28

DutchPIPE allows Web developers to make virtual multi-user "avatar" environments. Each Web page becomes an abstracted environment or location where visitors and other items on the page are visualized. This status is retained as visitors move around. A lot of real-time interaction is possible, resulting in persistent interactive page environments. DutchPIPE uses AJAX and the DOM for the browser, and it works without Java, Flash, plugins, or firewall adjustments.


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A static analysis automation framework.


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H2 Database Engine

A Java SQL database engine.