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Download Website Updated 16 Mar 2014 LEAF

Pop 815.80
Vit 114.33

LEAF is a secure, feature-rich, customizable embedded Linux network appliance for use in a variety of network topologies. Although it can be used in other ways, it's primarily used as a Internet gateway, router, firewall, and wireless access point.

Download Website Updated 18 May 2010 Install Kernel

Pop 102.69
Vit 6.63

Install Kernel (ik) is a bash script that installs the Linux kernel and automatically sets up LILO or GRUB. It also saves your kernel configuration each time you do an install. This allows you to restore the newest configuration file when you make a new kernel. This script is intended for two groups of people; people new to compiling kernels, and people who are tired of moving files around and editing their bootloader configurations every time they install a new kernel.

Download Website Updated 01 Nov 2003 lowlife

Pop 28.14
Vit 1.77

Lowlife is a documentation project which tells the user how to put together a simple uClibc-based Linux boot-floopy. It also describes the installation of the SVGA vncviewer on the floppy, thus enhancing it with X terminal capabilities. Besides the documentation, the package also contains a precompiled demo floppy image.

Download Website Updated 19 Oct 2004 epto

Pop 66.21
Vit 3.95

epto is a small library and framework for industrial strength shell script programming with sh. It features convenient error handling, tracing, logging, option handling, documentation template, process level transaction safety (sort of), and more. If one is used to shell programming, it takes less than five minutes of learning to start using it (see the crash course in the README file).

Download Website Updated 10 Apr 2005 chroot_safe

Pop 64.27
Vit 2.09

chroot_safe is a alternative method for chrooting dynamically linked applications in a sane and safe manner. By using a little dynamic linking trick it delays the chrooting until after dynamic linking has completed, thereby eleminating the need to have a copy of the binary or libraries within the chroot. This greatly simplifies the process of chrooting an application, as you often do not need any files besides the data files within the chroot. In addition to chrooting the application, it also drops root privileges before allowing the application to start.

Download Website Updated 15 Mar 2005 ProjectAdmin

Pop 26.65
Vit 1.00

ProjectAdmin is a flexible, modular system that attempts to take a project from source control and build it into a release. It includes modules for handling CVS and RPM, and modules for handling other sorts of input and output can be written.

Download Website Updated 30 Jul 2005 trackSpiders.cgi

Pop 26.83
Vit 1.43

You can use trackSpiders.cgi to track spiders from major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, and MSN). This Bourne shell CGI script works on Apache Web servers. It outputs details of each spider visit plus a bar chart comparing the number of hits from each search engine spider.

Download Website Updated 11 Oct 2005 trackGoogleContentAds.cgi

Pop 25.92
Vit 1.44

trackGoogleContentAds.cgi is a tool to see where your Google AdWords contextual ads are being displayed. Now that Google will let you create negative sites for a campaign, you can use this tool to decide which AdSense publisher domains to block. This script will examine an Apache Web server log and will display hits generated by clicks from Google contextual advertising.

Download Website Updated 22 Aug 2005 trackYahooPaidSearchHits.cgi

Pop 10.63
Vit 1.00

trackYahooPaidSearchHits.cgi lets you see which of your Yahoo Search Marketing (Overture) keywords are resulting in hits. It examines an Apache Web server log and displays hits generated by clicks on Yahoo Search Marketing ads. Each hit from a Yahoo search ad will be displayed in a row with these columns: Time, IP Address, Ad Type, Source of Hit, Search Keywords. Ad types will be A (Advanced Match), S (Standard Match), or C (Content Match). The Yahoo Search Marketing Easy Track feature needs to be turned on in order to track the search keywords and see the ad type.

Download Website Updated 30 Aug 2005 trackSearchHits.cgi

Pop 15.43
Vit 1.00

trackSearchHits.cgi examines the traffic your site is receiving from the major search engines by processing Apache Web server logs. It displays hits generated by clicks from Yahoo, MSN, and Google searches and displays a bar chart comparing the number of hits from each search engine.


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A object-relational mapper.


Project Spotlight


A time synchronization daemon which keeps your system time accurate.