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Download Website Updated 24 Dec 2002 POP before SMTP daemon

Pop 17.23
Vit 64.60

POP before SMTP daemon uses authenticated POP3 logins through Qpopper to grant access to a Sendmail SMTP relay. No modifications to Qpopper or Sendmail are required, and existing rule-based access methods are left intact.

Download Website Updated 07 Aug 2003 POP-Before-SMTP Relay Authorization Daemon

Pop 44.02
Vit 1.77

popbsmtpd watches syslog for successful POP and IMAP logins, and writes IP address entries to a database to permit SMTP mail relaying for a configurable duration. No changes to any other software are required, and it can process logins where the IP address and the authentication success are recorded on separate log entries (i.e., when using stunnel). It has a user-configurable scheme for recognizing and extracting values from log entries, making it possible to use with many POP and IMAP daemons without requiring any programming changes. These configurations can be tested using sample log data.

Download Website Updated 07 Feb 2002 POPauthd

Pop 36.63
Vit 3.27

POPauthd is a Perl-based daemon that uses POP to authorize connecting hosts for SMTP relaying. It is particularly useful to authenticate roaming users with IP addresses that change often. The daemon runs in the background, watching the syslog for successful POP logins. When it sees one it enters the IP in sendmail's access database, giving the host authorization to relay through the server. The entries can be expired after a prescribed, configurable period of time with a companion script run via crontab.

Download Website Updated 02 Mar 2006 PigeonDeliver

Pop 23.83
Vit 54.86

PigeonDeliver is the delivery agent of the PigeonAir project, a solution to easily build up clustered, scalable, and modular email services. PigeonDeliver is modular in nature, allowing it to be used on Postfix and other MTAs using their own native APIs without performance loss. It allows mail services to be easily and transparently distributed among a cluster of mail server, easily supporting new services and new modules added using the PigeonDeliver API, which simplifies writing filters and/or delivery agents.

Download Website Updated 05 Dec 2011 Postfix

Pop 879.23
Vit 33.86

Postfix is an attempt to provide an alternative to the widely-used Sendmail program. Postfix attempts to be fast, easy to administer, and hopefully secure, while at the same time being sendmail compatible enough to not upset your users.

No download Website Updated 20 Apr 2009 Postfix Admin

Pop 127.60
Vit 2.40

Postfix Admin is a Web-based management tool for Postfix. It handles Postfix-style virtual domains and users that are stored in MySQL or PostgreSQL. It has support for over 20 languages. It was initially released in December of 2002.

No download Website Updated 28 Dec 2005 Postfix bounce templates (de_DE)

Pop 10.54
Vit 1.00

Postfix bounce templates (de_DE) provide a set of templates that will enable Postfix to send bounce notifications in German (and in English). Using these templates requires that you run at least postfix-2.3-20051113.

No download Website Updated 04 Dec 2007 Postfix-policy

Pop 23.49
Vit 1.86

Postfix-policy is a policy server that uses ServerKit to achieve a high level of performance and scalability for Postfix servers. It is ideal for use with large mail systems utilizing Postfix for MX duties and MySQL for the management of accounts with basic policy needs.

Download No website Updated 08 Mar 2011 Postmaster Admin

Pop 19.21
Vit 1.00

Postmaster Admin is a virtual domain postmaster's admin module written in PHP.

No download Website Updated 04 Jun 2010 Postmaster ESMTP Server

Pop 17.72
Vit 59.15

Postmaster is an Internet mail transport agent (MTA) that handles incoming ESMTP network connections and delivers accepted messages to the user's mailbox by piping it into an arbitrary local mailer (such as Procmail). It is configurable beyond anything you'll ever need, handles any number of concurrent connections without forking or using OS threading, and it is pretty efficient. It currently lacks any form of queue management, but for leaf sites that don't need to do extensive mail relaying, it is a reliable and powerful solution.


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