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No download No website Updated 03 Feb 2014 A rich snippet extension for Magento.

Pop 46.12
Vit 8.71

Rich Snippet is a Magento extension that enables you to display product names, ratings, and other useful information within search results.

No download Website Updated 23 Jul 2013 Bookings & Reservations

Pop 43.41
Vit 18.78

Bookings & Reservations is a Magento extension for rental and bookable products and services. It allows customers to check booking availability at a desired date and time or in a calendar, and book services or rentals.

No download Website Updated 28 Jan 2014 Call for Price Magento Module

Pop 42.34
Vit 9.99

Call for Price is a Magento module that allows merchants to hide the price of products from customers. The price can be obtained either by contacting the provided phone number, or through a contact form.

No download No website Updated 12 Sep 2013 Event Discount Package

Pop 29.19
Vit 14.76

Event Discount Package is a Magento extension that allows store owners to offer package-based discounts for special events. Merchants can add products to packages or bundles and offer a discount for it.

No download No website Updated 13 May 2010 JTLmage

Pop 24.62
Vit 37.88

JTLmage offers synchronization facilities between the open source Magento online shopping platform and the ERP tool JTL-Wawi.

Download Website Updated 17 Sep 2013 Magento 404

Pop 15.78
Vit 14.56

Magento 404 is a Magento extension that allows you to customize 404 "page not found" errors to display related products as well as promotional products from a specific category instead of broken links.

Download Website Updated 31 Aug 2013 Magento AJAX Cart

Pop 30.38
Vit 16.67

Magento AJAX Cart is a Magento extension that replaces the “ADD TO CART” button with a popup AJAX window. It allows customers to continue with their shopping without waiting for the page to be refreshed.

Download Website Updated 31 Aug 2013 Magento ANZ

Pop 21.61
Vit 16.67

Magento ANZ is a Magento module that provides support for the ANZ eGate payment system. It provides secure and reliable online payments.

Download No website Updated 31 Oct 2013 Magento API Client

Pop 41.21
Vit 12.97

Magento API Client is a PHP client library for the Magento SOAP API v2. It supports the Mage_Catalog, Mage_CatalogInventory, Mage_Checkout, Mage_Customer, Mage_Directory, Mage_Sales, Enterprise_CustomerBalance, Enterprise_CustomerGiftCard, Mage_GiftMessage, Mage_Core, and Store_View modules. The library uses namespaces and is based on composer tools.

No download Website Updated 06 Jan 2014 Magento Advance Reviews Extension

Pop 47.83
Vit 12.52

Magento Advance Reviews Extension is a Magento module that makes it possible for your customers to post their reviews about your products and services. It can optionally require registration.


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A Web-based Nagios configuration interface.


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A framework for writing command line applications in Java.