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Download Website Updated 21 Mar 2011 Agar

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Agar is a toolkit for graphical applications. It features a modern GUI system with an unobtrusive API. Agar can use different graphics interfaces, such as SDL and OpenGL, and it has been ported to numerous platforms, including game consoles and embedded systems. Agar is implemented in C, but can be used from other languages.

No download Website Updated 05 Jun 2003 FlightTrack

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FlightTrack is a GPS track viewing and downloading software for MacOS X designed with light aviation pilots in mind. Its main functions are downloading tracks from GPS/logger, viewing tracks in 3D over a the terrain rendered in 3D, saving tracks in IGC format, and opening/viewing IGC files created by other software.

Download Website Updated 26 Apr 2006 open1x

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Open1x is an open source implementation of the IEEE 802.1x protocol. The project has two components: xsupplicant and authenticator. Xsupplicant is an implementation of the supplicant (i.e., client) side of the protocol and works under Linux and Mac OS X. Authenticator is an implementation of the authenticator and works only under Linux.

Download Website Updated 21 Oct 2008 Kerio MailServer

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Kerio MailServer is an email and collaboration suite that comes integrated with direct over-the-air (OTA) ActiveSync support, over 14 anti-spam layers (including SpamAssassin), dual anti-virus options (including a ClamAV plugin), collaboration features in Outlook, Entourage, Outlook Mobile, VersaMail, WebMail, and iCal, email archiving, and live automated backups. It supports a variety of SSL-encrypted communication protocols including POP3, IMAP, STMP, and HTTP for WebDAV, CalDAV, Web mail, and wireless ActiveSync. Wireless capabilities include direct email push, synchronization of calendar events, contacts, and tasks, and remote wipe for Windows Mobile devices to delete company data in the event the device is lost or stolen. Authentication options include Active Directory, Apple Open Directory, PAM, and an internal database. It can be administered remotely using an encrypted channel.

No download Website Updated 15 May 2007 focuseek searchbox

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focuseek searchbox is a family of easily installable full-text search engines that can spider Internet and intranet data sources (Web sites, newsgroups, FTP sites, and others) or index data you feed to it and make it available for searching. It supports a variety of input formats (among them HTML, PDF, Microsoft Word DOC, and RTF), and is easily scriptable via SOAP and extendable through plugins. It can scale to millions of documents and comes with a full-fledged GUI client, a built in Web search portal, and an RSS server.

No download Website Updated 27 Mar 2003 MagicHat

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MagicHat is a programmer's research and reference tool. With MagicHat, you can navigate through a Cocoa's application programming interface (API), review the declarations of language elements such as methods, functions, and constants, and retrieve relevant passages from the Cocoa developer documentation. MagicHat helps you unravel unfamiliar code, whether building blocks from the Cocoa software kits, programming examples, or programs written by your own development team.

Download Website Updated 12 May 2003 Schroedinger

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Schroedinger is the combination of Apache Tomcat with a nice, clean Swing GUI. It provides an easy way to create and test JSP and Servlet Web applications. It records every JSP/HTTP activity so that every possible bug can be corrected immediately. Schroedinger can be used in personal mode, which prevents others from using its JSP Server while you develop the application. Alternatively, Schroedinger's working directory can be opened via file-sharing, so that a JSP can be copied to any computer of the JSP development team.

Download Website Updated 28 May 2014 jpegoptim

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jpegoptim is a utility for optimizing JPEG files. It provides lossless optimization (based on optimizing the Huffman tables) and "lossy" optimization based on setting a maximum quality factor.

No download Website Updated 29 Mar 2003 Icon Peeper

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Peeper is an image discovery tool. With it, you can find all those deeply buried icons laying around your computer.

No download Website Updated 27 Oct 2003 CHRendezvous

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This program lets users search for local Rendezvous services such as Web servers and iChat users. It also facilitates publishing a Rendezvous service on the network.


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A two-factor authentication server.


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A note-taking app.