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Download No website 14 Apr 21:01 Pathomx 2.3.0


Pathomx is a workflow-based tool for the analysis of metabolomic and other omics datasets. It is interactive, visual, extensible, intelligent, and free for any use. It lets you dynamically build analysis workflows using the interactive editor. Drag and drop connections between plugin tools to create a complete workflow through which to run your analysis. Data can be loaded and processed automatically, and new approaches tested simply by connecting tools.

Release Notes: Improved figure outputs and interactive plots (zoom, pan). Sample class line-style and marker-style tools keeping plots consistent throughout. MATLAB and R integration: run scripts on your locally installed MATLAB/R platforms directly from within Pathomx.MATLAB data export: export datasets directly to MATLAB format workspace files. NMRLab integration. Experimental native wrappers for MATLAB-based NMR processing tools (requires MATLAB). Numerous bugfixes and improvements; increased processing speed.

Download No website 14 Apr 20:59 MatrixSSL 3.6.1


MatrixSSL is an embedded SSL and TLS implementation designed for small footprint devices and applications requiring low overhead per connection. The library is less than 50Kb on disk with cipher suites. It includes client and server support through TLS 1.2, mutual authentication, session resumption, and implementations of RSA, ECC, AES, 3DES, ARC4, SHA2, SHA1, and MD5. The source is well documented and contains portability layers for additional operating systems, cipher suites, and cryptography providers.


Release Notes: TLS 1.2 client and server. ECC, DH, and ephemeral key exchange. Pre-Shared Key (PSK), AES-GCM, SEED, and IDEA ciphers. SHA2 (256, 384, and 512 bit) hashes and HMAC. Server Name Indication (SNI), Stateless Session Ticket, and Truncated HMAC extensions. Intel assembly and AES-NI acceleration. These features have been open sourced from the commercial product branch. Only SSH and DTLS remain commercial. Security fixes: certificate parsing is much more strict, and several length underflow issues were fixed as a result of multiple external code audits.

Download Website 14 Apr 20:57 Lunzip 1.5


Lunzip is a decompressor for lzip files. Its small size makes it well suited for embedded devices or software installers that need to decompress files but do not need compression capabilities. Lunzip is able to decompress any lzip file using as little memory as 50 kB.


Release Notes: The new option "-u, --buffer-size", which activates a "low memory" decompression mode able to decompress any file using as little memory as 50 kB, irrespective of the dictionary size used to compress the file, has been added. File date, permissions, and ownership are now copied like "cp -p" does. This version is portable to very old hardware. It has been compiled and tested on a laptop with a 486 processor and 4MiB of RAM.

Download Website 14 Apr 20:56 (R)?ex 0.45.1


(R)?ex is a tool that allows you to manage all of your servers from a central point, through the complete process of configuration management and software deployment.


Release Notes: This release adds support for OpenStack and enhances many core functions.

Download Website 14 Apr 20:55 ACE 6.2.5


The ADAPTIVE Communication Environment (ACE) is an object-oriented (OO) C++ framework that helps you develop and deploy high-performance networked applications faster and with less code to write and maintain. ACE is especially useful for systems that use network and/or inter-process communications and that take advantage of multithreading. While the ACE source code is free, that's not the only way you save money with ACE. ACE's wrappers and higher-level patterns help you develop your software quickly and portably, helping you to complete your projects on time and within budget.

Release Notes: Adds the ability to build RPMs for just ACE. Adds support for Embarcadero C++BuilderXE5 using bcc32. When Intel C++ 2013 SP1 Update 2 is used with C++11 enabled as compiler feature, now ACE_HAS_CPP11 will be defined. Fixes several boundary bugs in the ACE RLE Compressor. Changes to TAO: new implementation repository features; a new tao_imr kill command to signal an otherwise unresponsive server; and a new tao_imr link command to identify groups of POAs that share a server. ImR is better able to avoid errantly starting multiple server instances.

Download Website 14 Apr 20:52 Barman for PostgreSQL 1.3.1


Barman (backup and recovery manager) for PostgreSQL is an administration tool for disaster recovery of PostgreSQL servers. It allows remote backups of multiple servers in business-critical environments and helps DBAs during the recovery phase. Barman's most-wanted features include backup catalogs, retention policies, remote recovery, archiving, and compression of WAL files and backups.

Release Notes: Introduces support for concurrent backup using physical file based copy through rsync, in conjunction with pgespresso, a new open source extension available for PostgreSQL 9.2 and 9.3. Adds the "barman diagnose" command, which prints important information about the system and the configuration of Barman. Fixes an important bug on recovery that was affecting only those few users having tablespaces created inside the PGDATA directory. This behaviour was introduced in version 1.3.0. Minor bugs have also been fixed.

Download Website 14 Apr 20:50 Excel Writer 13


Excel Writer is a package for easily writing Excel files with basic formatting. It allows for the automatic production of reports. It uses totally portable code that builds for every system without any specific piece of code. It does not interact with Excel.


Release Notes: This release adds cell comments, vertical text alignment, text orientation, and the ability to freeze a spreadsheet's panes.

Download No website 14 Apr 20:50 le editor 1.15.0


LE has many block operations with stream and rectangular blocks, can edit both unix and dos style files (LF/CRLF), is binary clean, has hex mode, can edit text with multi-byte character encoding, has full undo/redo, can edit files and mmap-able devices in mmap shared mode (only replace), has tunable syntax highlighting, tunable color scheme (can use default colors), tunable key map. It is slightly similar to Norton Editor, but has more features.


Release Notes: Improved performance with multibyte characters. Adds support for MAC-style text (CR EOLs). Fixes a spurious error message when writing a block to a file. Fixes the "modified" flag of undo after saving the text. Fixes a hang when loading a file with a saved position beyond the EOF. New syntax patterns for golang; syntax updates for patch.

No download Website 14 Apr 20:50 libdwarf-dwarfdump 20140413


libdwarf reads and/or writes DWARF debugging information in Elf object files. dwarfdump uses libdwarf to read object files and print the DWARF content in a readable fashion. libdwarf implements the DWARF2 (and later) standard by providing function interfaces that abstract away many DWARF implementation details (the writer code only emits DWARF2 so far). The source also includes implementations of a few tree search (tsearch) algorithms (balanced, red-black, and binary).

Release Notes: Libdwarf now follows the DWARF2 standard properly in reading DW_FORM_ref_addr. This is critical for properly reading DWARF emitted by the Go language compiler in a 64bit pointer object. The original DWARF2 standard is on dwarfstd.org, so it's been removed from the libdwarf source to save space in the release.

Download Website 14 Apr 20:49 myBill 2014-04-14


myBill is a money flow management utility. It can also be used to manage personal income/expenses.


Release Notes: This release moves empty database operation to a separate frame that requires specific input to wipe out the db.

No download Website 14 Apr 20:49 CalDavZAP


CalDavZAP is a CalDAV Web client with a powerful event/todo editor. It is compatible with Safari, Webkit, Firefox, Opera (15+), iCab, and Chrome, and supports all major CalDAV servers.

Release Notes: This release contains bugfixes and minor Russian localization fixes.

No download No website 14 Apr 20:49 Centipede 99.5


Centipede is a simple framework for writing command line application in Java. It uses classpath scanning and the Spring framework to automatically discover classes that fit a certain pattern to automatically expose classes as command line applications.

Release Notes: This release bumps Spring to version 4.0.3

Download No website 14 Apr 20:49 Infovore t20140412


Infovore is a map/reduce framework for processing large RDF data sets such as Freebase and DBpedia. It is based on Hadoop.

Release Notes: This release adds a job cost accounting function.

Download Website 14 Apr 20:48 TOMUSS 5.3.3


TOMUSS allows multiple users to edit the same spreadsheet table with their Web browsers. It stores the complete history of the table modification. TOMUSS is intended to be used by teachers to enter ranking and to allow students to see their ranks.

Release Notes: The page with all the student grades now has many user display options because the students do not agree on the best way to display the page. The privacy toggle has been moved with the display options. This release works more nicely with Internet Explorer.

Download Website 14 Apr 20:48 Open Tax Solver 11.03


OTS is an easy program for calculating personal income tax form entries and taxes-owed or refund due. It handles forms such as US-Fed-1040, with Schedules A, B, C, and D, forms 8829 and 8849, AMT worksheets, and state income taxes for several large states.

Release Notes: This revision updates the US-1040 AMT Part-III calculation section only.

Download Website 14 Apr 20:48 Razer device configuration tool 0.25


Razercfg is a Razer device configuration tool. It is based on "razerd", a background daemon doing all of the low-level privileged hardware accesses. The user interface tools are "razercfg", a command-line tool, and "qrazercfg", a Qt-based graphical device configuration tool. Supported devices are the Razer DeathAdder (Classic, 3500DPI, and Black Edition) mouse, the Razer Krait mouse, the Razer Lachesis mouse, the Razer Copperhead mouse, the Razer Naga mouse, the Razer Boomslang CE mouse and the Razer Taipan mouse.

Release Notes: A device claiming bug was fixed.

Download Website 14 Apr 20:47 RedKite CMS 1.1.4


RedKite CMS is a Content Management System built on top of Symfony2 and Twitter-Bootstrap frameworks. It lets you manage the content of your website inline, using an interface designed to increase the quality of the user experience. You are not required to have technical skills related to Web programming to build a website using this CMS.

Release Notes: This release fixes several bugs and introduces the new MarkdownBlockBundle to handle markdown contents inline on your site using EpicEditor. TinyMceBundle.has been rewritten and improved to add a new configuration when the editor is initialized, to avoid adding paragraphs. This has fixed the accordion title section, which benefits from this change. RedKIte CMS bundles have been reorganized to simplify the upgrade for future releases. Be sure to read the migration document before starting the upgrade.

No download Website 14 Apr 20:37 openDCIM 3.2


openDCIM is a Web-based data center inventory application which allows you to manage capacity and track assets throughout multiple data centers. There are some graphical elements to the system, but overall, the system is designed for keyboard-friendly (rather than click-happy) use. It is written in PHP and utilizes a MySQL backend for ease of deployment on nearly any LAMP-based build.

Release Notes: Graphical cabinet views: use your own images and create rack elevations similar to Visio Drawings. Full auditing of all actions. XML Export for CFD Modeling of data center. Enhanced template definition. Too many new things to fit in this box.

No download Website 14 Apr 20:33 TRIP 1.3.8


TRIP is a general computer algebra system dedicated to celestial mechanics. It includes a numerical kernel and has interfaces to gnuplot and xmgrace. Computations can be performed with double, quadruple, or multi-precision. Users can dynamically load external libraries written in C, C++, or Fortran. Parallel computations on multivariate polynomials can be performed.

Release Notes: There are bugfixes in the OpenMP statements. Several bugs and memory leaks were fixed. The array of strings can be declared and assigned in one step.

Download No website 14 Apr 16:42 ChaosEsque Anthology 24


ChaosEsque Anthology is a first person shooter. It is a standalone modification of Xonotic which includes extended weapons, maps, vehicles, buildable buildings, mounted weapons, spell casting, monsters, player characters, textures, and game modes.

Release Notes: You can now flood any map with lava (Create>Mutators>(under foliage)). Flooding with water has been improved. Fields of wheat (kelp if built underwater) and greenhouses can now be constructed with multitool and utilitool. The percentage of building types when randomly placed can be controlled by variables now. When a building is destroyed, the flag drops to the earth, if it was holding a flag. Various bugfixes have been made.

Download Website 14 Apr 16:41 Camera Life 2.7.0a2


Camera Life is a system for cataloging your photo collection. It gives users the ability to search or browse your archive in intuitive ways, with an attention to powerful administrative functions. Photos can be stored locally, on a remote server, on Amazon S3, or on Flickr. The theme and icons can be easily customized. It is compatible with the Gallery Remote API (so you can upload with iPhoto, Digikam, and Java). It is RSS enabled, supports microformats and OpenSearch, and has a special version of the site for iPhone/iPod touch. AJAX is used to optimize the site as necessary.

Release Notes: This release fixes bugs for OpenID login.

Download No website 14 Apr 16:41 XOWA 1.4.2


XOWA is a desktop application that can read and edit English Wikipedia offline. It displays articles in an HTML browser, and can download images on demand. It can also be used for Wiktionary, Wikisource, Wikiquote, and the non-English counterparts.

Release Notes: This release adds offline images for the Norwegian wikis, enhancements for the gallery (including "packed" mode), more improvements to the Scribunto luaj jar, and other minor changes.

Download Website 14 Apr 16:25 BIRD 1.4.3


BIRD is a dynamic routing daemon for UNIX-like systems. It should support all routing protocols used in the contemporary Internet, such as BGP, OSPF, RIP, and their IPv6 variants. It also features a very flexible configuration mechanism, and a route filtering language.

Release Notes: This release adds an important bugfix in IPv6 BGP.

No download Website 14 Apr 16:25 CloverETL 4.0.0-M1


CloverETL is Java-based tool/framework for data integration and creation of data transformations. It is component based and follows the concept of transformation graphs which consist of individual nodes/components performing simple (or complex) operations on data. Any transformation can be defined as a set of interconnected nodes through which data flows. CloverETL can be used as a standalone application or be embedded into a larger project.

Release Notes: This release introduces subgraphs and automatic metadata propagation. It drops support of Java 1.6; Java 1.7 is required. The list of application servers has been updated, and used libraries have been updated to newer versions.

Download Website 14 Apr 16:15 psensor


Psensor is a graphical hardware temperature monitor for Linux. It can monitor temperatures of the different hardware sensors (motherboard and CPU using lm-sensors), hard disk drives (hddtemp/libatasmart), and ATI/Nvidia GPUs. The fan can also be monitored (lm-sensors). Psensor is designed to be simple and easy to use.

Release Notes: This release improves translations and the webpages of the server, and fixes few bugs.

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