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Download Website Updated 05 Nov 2006 vdr_remote

Pop 19.05
Vit 1.42

vdr_remote is a graphical remote control for the video disk recorder vdr. It connects over a TCP/IP network and gives you a complete remote control.

No download Website Updated 16 Oct 2011 vert.x

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Vit 31.33

vert.x (formerly known as node.x) is a polyglot asynchronous application framework. It embraces the good bits of event-driven frameworks like node.js without the bad bits. Everything is non-blocking, runs on the JVM, and is polyglot. You can use it from Ruby, Groovy, Java, JavaScript, Python, Clojure, and Scala.

No download Website Updated 07 Apr 2009 viPlugin

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Vit 14.44

viPlugin is an Eclipse plugin that adds vi functionality to the editors that are provided with Eclipse (JDT, CDT, etc.).

Download Website Updated 06 Jan 2009 vibtoolbox

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Vit 2.74

Vibtoolbox is a set of command line tools for the analysis of vibration and acoustic test data. The interface design used for most of the tools in the package is the standard UNIX filter model. The tools take input on standard input and transform the input in some fashion, and then send the transformed input data to standard output. The tool set also defines ASCII and native binary database formats for the storage of vibration and acoustic laboratory and flight test data.

No download Website Updated 04 May 2014 view3dscene

Pop 305.94
Vit 39.65

view3dscene is a browser for VRML (1.0 and 2.0) and X3D, and a viewer for other 3D model formats (3DS, MD3, Wavefront OBJ, and Collada are handled). It supports viewing the scene in the "Examine" mode and walking in the virtual world with features such as collision detection and gravity. Rendering is done using OpenGL. Many advanced 3D graphic effects are available, like mirrors (flat and through cube environment mapping), shadows (shadow maps and shadow volumes), GLSL shaders and more. The program can also convert files from 3DS, MD3, Collada and other formats to X3D and pretty-print VRML and X3D files.

No download Website Updated 02 Mar 2006 viewyuv

Pop 13.64
Vit 1.00

viewyuv is a viewer for planar YUV 4:2:0 file. People working in the video compression field may find it useful. It is implemented in Cocoa and compiled as a Universal binary.

Download Website Updated 16 May 2014 vifm

Pop 316.73
Vit 51.82

Vifm is an ncurses-based file manager with vi-like keybindings, which also borrows some useful ideas from mutt.

Download No website Updated 29 Dec 2013 vimpc

Pop 54.96
Vit 1.60

vimpc is a curses-based client for the Music Player Daemon (mpd) that draws inspiraton from vi/vim. It supports a vim-like rc file, mappable key bindings, normal/ex modes, counts, searching, a music library, directory navigation, playlist editing, and comprehensive help, is highly configurable and customizable, and more. It is written with the intent to make vi users feel at home when using mpd, but is also intuitive and very usable by non-vi users.

No download Website Updated 26 Jan 2011 visual-db

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Vit 2.47

visual-db is a tool for the visualization of a PostgreSQL database as tables with relations between them.

Download Website Updated 15 Feb 2007 vlvgriffin

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Vit 51.76

vlvgriffin is an application level driver for the GRIFFIN PowerMate devices. The driver uses the Apple IOKit. It simulates a scrollwheel with some additional features like "click&scroll" to make a pageUP/DOWN effect, but it can be modified to handle everything that can be programmed. The code was tested both on PPC and Intel Macintosh.


    Project Spotlight


    A distributed fault-tolerant Jabber/XMPP server.


    Project Spotlight


    An interactive Web spreadsheet allowing concurrent table editing.