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Download Website Updated 22 Apr 2007 Barbie Seahorse Adventures

Pop 17.26
Vit 1.00

Barbie Seahorse Adventures is an exciting side-scrolling game where Barbie the Seahorse floats on bubbles to the moon. This game won the teams category in pyweek 4. It is a retro side-scroller with original graphics, soundtrack, and 15 levels.

Download Website Updated 14 Apr 2007 Invasores

Pop 24.17
Vit 2.28

Invasores was first designed as a proof of concept of which language would be faster to develop games. After that, some people started to use it just for fun, and development continues this way. It should evolve into a game engine for simple games, probably for kids.

No download Website Updated 09 Apr 2007 simpleJ

Pop 18.71
Vit 1.83

simpleJ emulates a simplified computer on your PC: a retro-style video game console that lets you understand how a computer works and write your own video game programs. The first microcomputers were quite simple. They had a few kilobytes of memory and couldn't run large programs. Many didn't even have an operating system. Yet they had something valuable: understanding everything about their hardware and software was easy. simpleJ aims to make this possible while running on modern PC hardware.

No download Website Updated 06 Mar 2007 Tux Strikes Back

Pop 15.20
Vit 51.02

Tux Strikes Back is a level set (new world) for SuperTux 0.1.3, the popular open source jump'n run game which is available for many different platforms. This set comes with 18 new levels and its own world map and story. An installation of SuperTux 0.1.3 (Milestone 1) is required.

Download Website Updated 23 Nov 2006 FizzBall

Pop 14.21
Vit 1.00

Why has everyone fled the islands? There's not a person in sight! Who will feed the animals and find out what scared the people away? Professor Fizzwizzle, of course! FizzBall lets you bounce bubbles, rescue hungry animals, and solve a mystery!

No download Website Updated 05 Oct 2006 Exobius 0

Pop 19.49
Vit 2.27

Exobius 0 is a 2D shoot-em-up. It consists of 13 levels which scroll in different directions.

Download Website Updated 08 Sep 2006 snake 3D

Pop 25.69
Vit 2.09

snake3d is a variant of the snake game. You are a snake in a 3d world trying to eat as many icosahedrons as possible, which makes your tail longer. There are other snakes (network players) in the world that will try to get you.

Download Website Updated 19 Jul 2006 ChouXiang

Pop 10.86
Vit 1.45

ChouXiang is an abstract shooting game.

Download Website Updated 27 Jun 2006 Paratim

Pop 9.27
Vit 53.43

Paratim (Paratrooper Improved) is a remake of the old DOS game Paratrooper. The player plays with the gun in the bottom center of the game while helicopters fly overhead. Those helicopters sometimes drop paratroopers. When their are four or more paratroopers on one side of the gun, the game is lost. To prevent this, the player has to shoot the paratroopers while they fall or shoot the helicopters. After a round of helicopters, planes arrive that drop bombs aimed at the gun. If a bomb hits the gun, the game is also lost. To prevent this, the player has to shoot the bomb or the airplanes.

Download Website Updated 15 Jun 2006 Open Mortal

Pop 121.00
Vit 3.58

Open Mortal is a parody of the once popular coin-up fighting game, Mortal Kombat, for Windows and Linux. It is currently playable, has 16 playable characters, some more in the making. New characters can be added, so players can be their own Open Mortal actor.


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A small, non-interactive, shell-like scripting language.


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A software wavetable synth.