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Download Website Updated 08 Oct 2004 FloboPuyo

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Vit 1.43

FloboPuyo is a clone of the infamous Puyo Puyo.

Download Website Updated 29 Dec 2011 AqBanking

Pop 157.15
Vit 17.86

AqBanking is a modular and generic interface to online banking tasks, financial file formats (import/export), and bank/country/currency information. AqBanking uses backend plugins to actually perform the online tasks. HBCI, OFX DirectConnect, and EBICS are currently supported. AqBanking is used by GnuCash, KMyMoney, Pecunia, AqBanking-CLI, and QBankManager.

No download Website Updated 21 Jan 2009 Anthracite

Pop 62.61
Vit 5.57

Anthracite is a collection of Web mining power tools combined in an easy-to-use graphical environment that lets users quickly and seamlessly extract data from Internet sources, modify it to suit their needs, and export it to templates or databases, e.g. for RSS feeds.

No download Website Updated 12 Aug 2004 Vintela Management eXtensions

Pop 14.70
Vit 1.00

Vintela Management eXtensions (VMX) makes it possible for administrators to maintain and support UNIX, Linux, and Mac OS X systems from within Microsoft Systems Manager Server (SMS) 2003. It includes server extensions, an SMS administration console snap-in, and client.

    Download Website Updated 20 Jun 2010 color wrapper

    Pop 223.94
    Vit 6.28

    cw is a non-intrusive real-time ANSI color wrapper for common Unix-based commands. It is designed to simulate the environment of the commands being executed, so that if a person types 'du', 'df', 'ping', etc. in their shell it will automatically color the output in real-time according to a definition file containing the color format desired. It has support for wildcard match coloring, tokenized coloring, headers/footers, case scenario coloring, command-line- dependent definition coloring, and includes over 50 pre- made definition files.

    No download Website Updated 17 Apr 2012 JUCE

    Pop 121.45
    Vit 13.65

    JUCE is an all-encompassing C++ class library for developing cross-platform applications. It's particularly good for creating highly-specialised user interfaces and for handling graphics and sound. The intended users are developers who are building large, complex applications in C++ and who would like to use just one clean, high-level API rather than a bunch of different libraries for different purposes or platforms. Its features include fully lightweight components with transparency and effects, classes for strings, containers, XML, streams, file handling, messaging, and event queues, vector graphics, a custom font engine, image manipulation, OpenGL support, low-latency audio I/O using CoreAudio, DSound and ASIO, audio buffers and nodes, MIDI file and event manipulation, Internet streams, undo/redo support, and more.

    Download Website Updated 08 Dec 2004 UnlimitedFTP Commander

    Pop 14.59
    Vit 1.44

    UnlimitedFTP Commander is a secure FTP client that works from the commandline or a script file. UnlimitedFTP script files support all of the popular FTP commands to control the application. These include over 50 commands, including "login to an FTP server", "change remote folders", "update, replace, or delete folders and files", and "transfer files back and forth". UnlimitedFTP Commander supports various methods of securing file transfers, including SFTP, FTPS, and HTTPS tunneling.

    No download Website Updated 06 Feb 2005 NEye

    Pop 37.07
    Vit 1.45

    NEye is a Netflow V5 collector. It logs incoming Netflow V5 data to ASCII, MySQL, or SQLite databases, and it makes full use of POSIX threads if available. It works on most major platforms (Linux, Solaris, AIX, Irix, HP/UX, Mac OS X, Digital Unix, etc.) and older ones too (Ultrix, Nextstep, etc.).

    No download Website Updated 09 Aug 2004 Asterisk Assistants

    Pop 32.85
    Vit 1.73

    Asterisk Assistants is a suite of Assistants ("Wizards" in Wintel lingo) which help new users get started with Asterisk on MacOS X. The Asterisk Assistants follow the format of Apple's Setup Assistants; they focus on simplicity rather than flexibility.

    Download Website Updated 10 Aug 2004 Internode Nodemap

    Pop 42.26
    Vit 1.00

    Internode Nodemap is a network visualization tool. Using SNMP, it gathers a periodic snapshot of the current state of the network. Then, under instructions from its config file, it plots a series of "maps" of the network over the top of GIF images in the Web server's document root, using color and HTML CSS to indicate potential performance or reliability problems. The maps are hierarchical "drill-down" views of the network. The top-level map is a summary which can be clicked on to reveal specific details; these more specific maps can also have additional maps nested within.


    Project Spotlight

    Interval arithmetic for Ada

    An implementation of interval arithmetic.


    Project Spotlight

    Qore Programming Language

    A multi-threaded scripting language targeting logic embedding and interface development.