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No download No website Updated 02 Apr 2009 Bedrock Framework

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Bedrock Framework is a Web framework designed around bridging popular APIs and technologies with PHP. While it has an MVC core with all the functionality expected from a Web framework, its primary goal is to simplify the use of other technologies with PHP.

Download No website Updated 14 Apr 2009 Downloadermac

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Downloadermac is a Cocoa application for downloading items from the Internet. It frees up your browser for other tasks by reducing the load on your Web browser's process by creating a thread just for downloading items.(e.g. firefox-bin, safari). It is tested on both Panther (10.3.9) and Leopard (10.5).

No download Website Updated 18 May 2009 Coselica

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Coselica Toolbox provides basic Modelica blocks for Scicos and ScicosLab. Currently there are some electrical (analog), 1D-mechanical (translational, rotational), and 1D-thermal (heat transfer) blocks, which have been derived from the Modelica Standard Library.

    No download No website Updated 25 Mar 2014 GeoToad

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    GeoToad is a geocaching query tool to help speed up the boring part of geocaching: choosing the cache and collecting the data. It allows you to generate any kind of complex query you want, and the program will go and poll the Geocaching query, grab the data, and output it to any format you want. The Geocache info can be synced straight to your GPS, iPod, PDA, or cell phone in over 20 different formats.

    No download Website Updated 07 Apr 2009 Juicer

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    Juicer is a graphical user interface for the appleJuice file sharing network.

    Download Website Updated 09 Jun 2009 MakeMKV

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    MakeMKV is a one-click solution to convert video from DVD or Blu-ray discs into MKV, which is a free and patent-unencumbered format that can be played everywhere. MakeMKV is a format converter or "transcoder". The only thing it does is convert video clips from a (usually encrypted) disc into a set of MKV files, preserving most information but not changing it in any way. The MKV format can store multiple video and audio tracks with all meta-information and preserve chapters.

    Download No website Updated 11 Apr 2009 PEGTL

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    The Parsing Expression Grammar Template Library (PEGTL) is a C++0x library for creating parsers according to a Parsing Expression Grammar (PEG). Grammars are embedded as regular C++ code, created with template programming (not template meta programming). These hierarchies naturally correspond to the inductive definition of PEGs. The library extends on the subject of PEGs with new expression types, actions that can be attached to grammar rules, and mechanisms to ensure helpful diagnostics in case of parsing errors. PEGs are superficially similar to Context-Free Grammars (CFGs).

    Download Website Updated 10 Oct 2010 libNUI

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    libNUI is a hardware accelerated GUI framework that makes it possible to build rich multi-platform applications based on 3D rendered dynamic layouts. Interfaces are built as a composition of widgets and behaviors, and the framework handles positioning, resizing, anchoring, and texture stretching. Objects are connected with synchronous events and delegates for mono-threaded communication, or asynchronous notifications and message queues are used for multi-threaded applications. It also supports strings (including Unicode), paths, files, data streams, fonts, threads, critical sections, audio buffer rendering, and more.

    Download No website Updated 27 Aug 2009 PolarView

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    PolarView is an efficient cross platform ENC chart viewer. It supports ENC charts in S57 format (available from NOAA) as well as world wide standard S63 vector charts. It supports GRIB weather data (wind and pressure). A world basemap is included.

    No download Website Updated 18 Apr 2009 ioquake3

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    ioquake3 (or ioq3 for short) builds upon id Software's Quake 3 source code release. It cleans it up, fixes bugs, and adds features. Its goal is to be the Quake 3 distribution upon which people base their games and projects. Its design goals include optimizing the engine for playing Quake 3: Arena, Team Arena, and all popular mods. This distribution of the engine has been ported to many new platforms. While it doesn't have PunkBuster (and never will), it does provide more security for servers and clients by way of various bugfixes which aren't in id's client.


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    Trojan Scan

    A simple but relatively effective trojan scan tool.


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    A command line FOURCC changer for MPEG4 or DivX files.