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No download Website Updated 08 Mar 2009 GtkEveMon

Pop 13.19
Vit 1.84

GtkEveMon is a skill monitoring stand-alone application for GNU/Linux systems. It is written in C++ and uses GTK for the GUI. You can monitor your current skills and your skill training process without starting EVE-Online, but (of course) you still need a working Internet connection.

    Download Website Updated 12 Jul 2008 The MySQL Sandbox

    Pop 31.32
    Vit 1.00

    MySQL Sandbox is a tool for installing one or more MySQL servers in isolation, without affecting other servers.

    Download Website Updated 20 Jun 2010 Magic Assistant

    Pop 46.65
    Vit 3.45

    Magic Assistant is a multi-platform Eclipse/RCP application for "Magic: The Gathering" players. It includes Card Browser, Library Organizer, Deck Builder, and MTG Tournament Manager. It comes with a pre-loaded MTG cards database and allows custom updates.

    Download Website Updated 01 Sep 2008 jobBuddy

    Pop 19.75
    Vit 1.75

    jobBuddy searches 9 top job sites and displays listings in a single interface. It can also hide jobs users don't want, and can update results at a later time. There is no registration or third party service involved, so searches can be directly sent to the sources. Users can "dig deeper" into search results to see a wider spectrum of job options. A duplication checker ensures that you don't see the same listing more than once.

    No download Website Updated 23 Jul 2012 BitNami MAPPStack

    Pop 36.55
    Vit 4.32

    BitNami MAPPStack is an easy-to-install, ready-to-run binary distribution of Apache, PostgreSQL, and PHP, including the phpPgAdmin tool. It runs in Mac OS X and allows you to quickly setup a development or production Web application environment. BitNami Stacks are easy to install, independent, integrated, and relocatable.

    Download Website Updated 24 Apr 2013 SubnetMapper

    Pop 46.30
    Vit 2.66

    SubnetMapper is an admin's quick tool to map and keep track of managed IP networks, track free ranges that are available for assigning, and document the network setup. It has been designed to help admins manage and document small to medium networks. It prints and displays freely colorable maps of your network.

    Download Website Updated 21 Jul 2008 JImageViewer

    Pop 16.91
    Vit 1.00

    JImageView an image viewer with no extra features. It is essentially an image display plus a menu-bar which includes the following actions: Rotate (Clockwise, Counter Clockwise, Rotate Normal); Scale (Zoom In, Zoom Out, Zoom to fit, Zoom Normal); Mirror (Flip Horizontally, Flip Vertically, Flip Normal); Fullscreen display; Slideshow mode; and Print.

    Download Website Updated 13 Mar 2010 Piccolo2D

    Pop 37.70
    Vit 1.66

    Piccolo2D is a toolkit that supports the development of 2D structured graphics programs, in general, and Zoomable User Interfaces (ZUIs), in particular. A ZUI is a new kind of interface that presents a huge canvas of information on a traditional computer display by letting the user smoothly zoom in to get more detailed information and zoom out for an overview. It uses a "scene-graph" model that is common to 3D environments. This means that Piccolo maintains a hierarchical structure of objects and cameras.

    Download Website Updated 01 Jul 2009 Manent

    Pop 89.19
    Vit 5.11

    Manent is an algorithmically strong backup and archival program. It features efficient backup to anything that looks like storage. Currently it supports plain filesystems ("directories"), FTP, and SFTP. Planned are Amazon S3, optical disks, and email (SMTP and IMAP). It can work (making progress towards finishing a backup) over a slow and unreliable network. It can offer online access to the contents of the backup. Backed up storage is completely encrypted. Backup is incremental, including changed parts of large files. Moved, renamed, and duplicate files will not require additional storage. Several computers can use the same storage for backup, automatically sharing data. Both very large and very small files are supported efficiently. Manent does not rely on timestamps of the remote system to detect changes.

    Download Website Updated 21 Sep 2008 CommandCenter

    Pop 26.04
    Vit 1.43

    CommandCenter is a tool for managing shell-based scripts with the capability to remotely run them on any UNIX-like host over SSH. The output of script runs can be viewed, appended to files, or saved.


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