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No download Website Updated 13 Nov 2012 ObjFW

Pop 56.50
Vit 6.96

ObjFW is a portable, lightweight framework for Objective C.

Download Website Updated 25 Jul 2007 Roadsend PHP SiteManager

Pop 117.34
Vit 8.95

SiteManager is an Open Source Web Application Toolkit for PHP Developers that includes a framework for code modules and layout templates, database connectivity, SmartForms, sessions, and some other tools. All parts of the system are integrated through object-oriented libraries which allow for easy expandability and maintenance.

Download Website Updated 13 Jul 2005 IBiz E-Payment Integrator

Pop 34.80
Vit 1.00

The IBiz E-Payment Integrator provides a way to add secure and reliable Internet payment processing to your applications. The product contains libraries and PHP extensions for credit card and electronic check (ACH) processing via major Internet payment gateways (more than 50 gateways supported including, IBill, LinkPoint, etc.). It includes source code for compilation on various Unix platforms, a framework for Objective-C (Cocoa) Mac OS X development, native PHP extensions, and more.

No download Website Updated 24 Jul 2003 Space.App

Pop 15.87
Vit 1.00 provides "virtual workspaces" to help you to organize your use of the desktop.


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Mantle Business Artifacts

Business artifacts including data model and service library for common business processes.


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A Lisp-like, general-purpose scripting language.