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Download Website Updated 10 Jul 2000 RadiusReport

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Vit 71.35

RadiusReport can analyse the logfiles produced by all the major Radius Servers including Livingston Radius V2.0+, V1.16, Merit Radius, Ascend Radius, Dale Reed's RadiusNT, Radiator Perl Radius Server, but excluding Microsoft Radius. It will allow you to produce many, varied, types of reports from one or multiple radius log files.

Download Website Updated 23 Apr 2003 Report Magic

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Vit 4.12

Report Magic is an add-on for Analog, a Web site logfile analysis program. Generated reports include a description with tabulated, graphed, and summarized results. All colors, fonts, and background images are completely customizable to help make resulting reports fit the theme of your Web site. Report Magic has translations for several languages. It runs on any platform that will run Perl and pre-compiled versions are available for Win32 and Mac.

Download Website Updated 01 May 2002 ScanErrLog

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Vit 4.58

ScanErrLog is a Python module that allows you to parse Apache error_log files and present their data in decreasing order of occurences of error messages. This is particularly useful if you want to quickly solve the most annoying problems Web visitors encounter on your site. You can use it directly from the command line, import it into another Python program and use the classes it defines, or use it as a CGI script. You can produce reports in HTML, PDF, XML, or Plain Text formats.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 scanSquidLog

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Vit 1.00

scanSquidLog quickly scans through Squid log files looking for lines whose URLs match any of those contained in a specified file. Matching lines are printed to standard output, and the main reason for using this program instead of standard utilities such as grep or awk is speed. Pattern matching for the URLs is not provided, but sub-domains, trailing path components, and case independence are automatically handled.

Download Website Updated 09 Apr 2005 Shoutstats

Pop 49.72
Vit 3.93

Shoutstats is a fast, free Shoutcast server statistic analysis program. It produces instant and dynamic usage reports in HTML format, for viewing in a standard browser.

Download Website Updated 03 Oct 2006 Squid Graph

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Vit 2.66

Squid Graph is a powerful logfile analysis tool for native Squid version 2 logfiles. It generates HTML reports and graphs of accesses, transfers and transfer durations, somewhat similar to MRTG.

Download Website Updated 23 Oct 2001 squidsites

Pop 25.98
Vit 1.09

squidsites is a tool that parses Squid access log file and generates a report of the most visited sites, sorting by hit count or by bytes count.

Download Website Updated 22 Nov 2001 SquidStat

Pop 27.57
Vit 1.47

SquidStat is log analyzer designed to show which IP visited what.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 Squij

Pop 12.08
Vit 1.75

Squij is a Python script to analyse and help tune refresh_patterns in Squid (1.x and 2.x) configurations for freshness and efficiency. It shows a number of statistics about object hit rates, freshness, and their state on the origin server. Squij is experimental software, and is licensed under the GPL.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 StreamLog

Pop 9.59
Vit 1.00

StreamLog is a Perl script to automatically filter a compressed web server log as it streams via FTP. It figures out the most recent file and checks the modification date, and so is useful for running from cron. StreamLog saves only the records matching your web site, as opposed to your ISP's entire log file.


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