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Download Website Updated 01 Dec 2013 Squid Analyzer

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Squid Analyzer parses the native access log format of the Squid proxy and reports general statistics about hits, bytes, users, networks, top URLs, and top second level domains. Statistic reports are oriented toward user and bandwidth control; this is not a pure cache statistics generator.

Download Website Updated 18 Dec 2003 PostgreSQL Log Analyzer

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PgAnalyzer is a perl script and library used to analyze the server logs files of the excellent PostgreSQL RDBMS. It reports practical statistics information on number of database connections, users and hosts. It can also provide SQL query and error statistics.

Download Website Updated 28 Dec 2010 Sprog

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Sprog is a graphical tool that anyone can use to build programs by plugging parts together. In Sprog jargon, the parts are known as 'gears' and they are assembled to make a 'machine'. Gears are selected from a palette and dragged onto the Sprog workbench, where they can be connected together. Options can be set using a properties dialog on each gear. When assembly is complete, the machine can be run, reconfigured, or re-run.

Download Website Updated 13 Mar 2009 IP::Country

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IP::Country is a tool for fast lookup of country codes from IP addresses. Finding out the country of a client using only the IP address can be difficult. Looking up the domain name associated with that address can provide some help, but many IP address are not reverse mapped to any useful domain, and the most common domain (.com) offers no help when looking for country. This module comes bundled with a database of countries where various IP addresses have been assigned. Although the country of assignment will probably be the country associated with a large ISP rather than the client herself, this is probably good enough for most log analysis applications, and under test has proved to be as accurate as reverse-DNS and WHOIS lookup.


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Data center infrastructure management.


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An XML database and XQuery processor.