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No download Website Updated 24 Aug 2013 mojoPortal

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mojoPortal is a cross-platform object oriented Web site framework. It supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, Firebird, SQLite and MS SQL for the backend. It includes a content management system, forums, blogs, photo galleries, newsletter, polls, surveys, an event calendar, an RSS feed aggregator, and a skinnable design.

Download Website Updated 01 Oct 2009 Tidydoc

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The goal of Tidydoc is to make documentation organization easier. It makes it easy to add documents to a repository, give them the right names, put them into the right directories, and reorganize them a posteriori. Then it can generate a set of HTML pages to browse your documents and a BibTeX file to reference them. Every operation can be done through a Web interface if you are running a Web server (or using the embedded lightweight server), and/or through command line scripts. This allows documents to be uploaded remotely using scp or any other file transfer program. Tidydoc is written in Python in a spirit of flexibility and easy tweaking, but its default behavior should fit the needs of most people.

No download Website Updated 01 Oct 2009 udp_copy2

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udp_copy2 consists of two executables, udp_send2 and udp_recv2, implementing plain text non-interactive data transfer over UDP/IPv4 with a preset transfer rate. On lossy links, it yields better throughput than TCP-based transfers. It may also be used for smooth user space throttling. It dedicates a mode to SNAT/MASQ so the receiver can initiate transfer from behind a firewall. It features a very precise user space packet scheduler. It handles SIGSTOP in a rational way. It only transfers in one direction for one invocation. It needs and uses no synchronous I/O multiplexing. Shell access is required on both ends. The package also contains the auxiliary multi-threaded tool "bigpipe", which can be used to reduce pipeline latency.

No download Website Updated 13 Jun 2005 Bash Batch Image Processing Script

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BBIPS is a menu-driven script that uses Imagemagick to batch process entire directories of images all at once.

No download Website Updated 03 Jun 2005 Hanihani Operation Sanctuary

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Hanihani Operation Sanctuary is a port and English adaptation of a Japanese visual novel game.

No download Website Updated 03 Jun 2005 OpenVPS

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OpenVPS is a set of software built on top of the Linux VServer aimed specifically at Web Hosting. It is not another set of kernel patches, but a set of scripts to create virtual servers, collect resource utilization information, and provide an interface to the customer as well as the administrator.

No download Website Updated 01 Oct 2009 yet another pak

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Pak transfers multiple, possibly very big, regular files between possibly different hosts you have shell access to. It transmits segment IDs instead of file names and uses on-the-fly Blowfish-CBC encryption while being absolutely restartable with practically no loss of data already transmitted. Encrypted pak streams can be stored in intermediary regular files on untrusted hosts. Several stored pak streams, even truncated ones, can be merged for re-piping without decryption. Integrity is never checked. File offsets of any magnitude are supported via recompilation (the default width is 64 bits). Either UNIX 95 or UNIX 98 conformance is required and sufficient.

Download Website Updated 13 Nov 2007 Gizmo Daemon

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Gizmo Daemon is a program for controlling your computer based on events from input devices. It has built-in support for all Linux input devices, including keyboards with special keys, joysticks, remotes, dials, and more. It lets you control applications, launch programs, change the system volume, switch desktops, and directly control Amarok. It can visualize system events (such as Amarok sound output, CPU usage, etc.) on capable devices (keyboards with LEDs, Griffin PowerMate, etc.). It also features support for LIRC and RF based remote controls, allowing it to have per-application key mappings and configurable sensitivity settings.

No download Website Updated 22 Mar 2006 MasterShaper

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The MasterShaper is a Web application to control and manage network bandwidth and QoS (Quality of Service) easily with a Web browser. It uses iproute2 and the features of newer 2.4 and 2.6 Linux kernels (such as HTB, HFSC, CBQ, SFQ, ESFQ, NETEM, etc.) to manage inbound and outbound network traffic. MasterShaper also displays graphs about the current bandwidth distribution (created with jpgraph). The filtering mechanisms it supports are tc-filter and various iptables modules, such as TCP-Flags, TOS, l7-filter, and ipp2p.

Download Website Updated 21 Jun 2005 mod_sar

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mod_sar ("sar" stands for Search And Replace) is an Apache2 module that works as an output filter. Its purpose is to search for and replace strings found in Web content before sending the content to the client. Searches performed can be case sensitive or case insensitive, depending on configuration. A good example of common usage of this module is a reverse proxy.


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A tool to conduct TCP performance analysis.


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A genealogy/family tree program.